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She could see the outline of their wings in his eyes. Most of it shadow on gold. Light growing too low to see properly in. Her focus widened. To his face. Dark eyebrows shifting over his eyes. Mouth almost pouting. Rian wanted to stroke his cheek and smooth his curls. Instead she pulled his hand away. The warmth of his fingers like a brand on her cheeks. Her other hand cupped his elbow. Not quite ready to pull that one away.

”I don’t know, Briar.” Things too hard and too embarrassing to explain! ”I just thought, is all.” She couldn’t explain it. How she had worried he would see her. She didn’t to dredge up those memories. Did not want to know if she was like them. Using him. Depraved for the way she had wanted Maeve. Still wanted Maeve. Memories tormenting her, just like Briar tormented her. Close and warm and handsome. Rian shrugged, shoulders high, breasts thrusting as she stepped back with the fall of her shoulders.

”Home. Its not that dark, and I’m not stealing her bed.” Doubted they would ever share one again. Or even that they should. Talimar saved her from any real argument though. Stumbling on them in the low light with a sigh of relief. Rian rolled her eyes. ”It seems I have an escort this time.” She assured Briar, letting go of him and stepping free of his hands. Talimar offered to leave her behind, blush staining her cheeks as she shook her head.

”I have laundry to fold and a frame to flip.” She told them both. Rian left the safety of Briar’s wings to stand with her brother. Talimar looked faintly confused but shrugged it away, tossing a quick wink at Briar. ”Don’t forget to visit.” She nagged before following ehe brother into the sky.