separation anxiety



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Re: separation anxiety
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Sometimes the best answer was no answer. Rather than tangle herself up in the narrow space between lying and withholding the truth Ilithian gave Lor a quick, playful shrug of her shoulders. Wing joints wiggling in time with her eyebrows. None. Never. Not a one. But she couldn’t say that to Lorivar, or anyone for that matter. The subject was too tricky. And she didn’t know anymore if she was putting it off because she wasn’t ready or if she had just waited too long.

Either way it wasn’t happening. The state of her vagina was none of Lori’s business.

”Don’t be silly,” She teased, ”twine would never hold. And Peitar is more likely to chew his own arm off.” Nature would have its way, at least that was what Ilithian was hoping for. An unassuming but bright young queen could win Peitar over without making him feel shoved aside. Lillian needed firm men to back her ideas, and Peitar had an unusual brand of charm and military command. ”They’re going to be a good team, they just need a chance to figure it out before I throw them into the thick of reality.”

Scoffing Ilithian flapped a hand at Lorivar’s teasing, ”Please, they’re never too old to learn. And if he were properly taught to begin with, there wouldn’t be any need for queens to interfere.” They would never really change, really. None of them. Their children and grandchildren though! Someday Ilithian hoped they would embody the change their stubborn old fathers and uncles could not embrace. ”She’s a queen, Jewels or not. She’ll go where she pleases.” Back to her brother most likely. Some habits were hard to break.

”They were probably just standing on your left.” Ilithian stuck her tongue out at him again. This time she gave it a wag, nose wrinkling and eyes shut. One game slipping over into another once he calmed beneath the battery of her queen’s touch. Holding onto old wounds wasn’t something she could blame him for. But she pretended to anyway. Eyes rolling and curls bouncing as she denied his allegations. ”That doesn’t count!”

”I didn’t know it was you I was fighting!” Not that it would have stopped her in the end. Once Ilithain had decided to unite Askavi, there was nothing could change her mind. Every move she made was in the hopes of bringing the territory together. She was sorry good men had died trying to bring Undavi and Isle into the fold. But glad that in the end there had been a peaceful resolution. ”You’re a good province leader, and you’re loyal to me. Those are the only two requirements. As much as I would love having you here full time, I need you there more.”

Plus a little distance staved on any awkward situations. She enjoyed Lor, his company, his banter, his smile, his looks. Things would change between them if he were around more. He would have deeper expectations. Or he might catch her at moontime or when her web needed changing. ”Put whoever you want in charge.” If they turned out to be less trustworthy than Lorivar thought then Ilithian would just war with Undavi again. This time she would win. Men were less skillful, she thought, at sensing the depth and boundary of things like loyalty. Suspicious for the wrong reasons and calling men brothers just because they picked up weapons together.

She didn’t need weapons to forge bonds. She had fingers that could tickle and an infectious laugh. The sound of it drowned out beneath Lori’s play fighting. His strong hands gripping and tugging until she was half straddling his lap. A giggling snarl turning into a sharp gasp as he brought his hand down. There was a second while the act sank in, her mouth opening in surprise. Face growing red with feelings she couldn't name. Heat and annoyance and shock at his audacity. Air buzzing with the sound of his palm on her ass. ”How dare!” She shifted, knee pressing down on his thigh so her legs weren’t spread over his anymore. Hand lifting to smack him back when he took things a step further. Fingers digging in to pinch her side. That hurt!

”Asshole!” She jabbed him back hard under the arm. Aiming for the soft flesh of his armpit. Her other hand finished its swing, a tinge of anger making it sharper than she had originally intended. ”And you want to talk about keeping our hands to ourselves!” Shoving at his shoulders again she moved to hop up off him. Foot nearly slipping in one of the pastries he had overturned.

Maybe she wouldn’t bring him to Shalador after all. Just to rub his nose in it like an errant puppy. Alek might be too old for training, but she'd show Lori one way or another.


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Re: separation anxiety
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”If you say so.” Lor wasn’t nearly as sure as Ilithian, though he liked this idea more than her wagging eyebrows. She was probably up to them in heartsick fools. ”But I can’t see it.” Peitar would probably run roughshod over her just like her uncle did. Maybe with a bit more kindness. Or not. Lor understood how hard it was to kneel and serve when you’d been the one ruling. And Lillian was no Ilithian, not by a long shot.

”Who was there to teach him? Witch?” Ebenar came from Witch’s court. Lor had not laid eyes on the traitorous snake in ages. Hardly ever, but they all knew. Or some did. Witch had touch him to be a yellow bellied coward. And a traitor. And then there was that weird one Ili had brought home. There was probably something wrong with this Briar too. Lor would have come back and have a look at him once he returned. Never doubting he would, they all did when Ili was involved. ”And possibly get herself killed between one place and the other.” Broken witches, queens or not, needed to stay home!

Laughing at her, Lor tried to decided how he wanted to remove her wagging tongue from her face. With his fingers, or his teeth. Instead he tried to push it back in with one of wings, beginning the jostling all over again. ”Why didn’t you, Queen of Askavi?” She would have if she’d ever tried to come, or to find him. But Ilithian had left and never looked back until she’d set her sights on Askavi as a whole. ”Who said I was loyal?” He taunted. There was no resentment bitter enough to turn him away. They had been friends, good friends, before they had been enemies.

”I will.” Lor assured her, still not sure who. Someone. He would pick from among his men. Or maybe the queen school. Or both. He was not sure, but someone would be found to hold the province safe while he escorted Ilithian. And there would be blood to pay if it was not returned when he did. All concerns for later. When he did not have his own queen to torment and tease. To pull at until she was nearly draped over his lap. Blood quickening until instincts ran away from sense. The sound ringing in his good ear, eyes darting to Ilithian’s face.

He very badly wanted to cup the flesh he’d bruised. To rub and squeeze it better. That was dangerous territory however. Very dangerous. As was Ilithian’s knee. Lor grunted, balls retreating into his body, stomach tight with the first spark of lust and anxiety over where her knee should slip. Desperation drove his fingers, an apology on his lips. Too much or not enough, Lor wasn’t sure. He did not like the look on her face. Cheeks to red, eyes too round. Narrowing as her focus shifted from surprise to outrage.

”Ack, Ili!” Arm pit throbbing. Dirty fighting! Lor coiled toward the pain and met her hand as it came around. Sharp and angry against his cheek. Deaf suddenly in his good ear, Lor grew still and closed his eyes against the world. Hands up he let her go, head bowed beneath her scolding. His fucking eye hurt and she hadn’t even touched it. The sharp sting of her slap like fire against his face. Mother Night. ”Sorry!” He snapped, pain and shame making him sound bitter rather than apologetic.

Hands tucked under his arm pits, Lor clutched one hurt and refused to rub the other. The shape of her hand a brand across his cheek as he glared at the far wall. His wing swept out to offer her balance, since he was supposed to be keeping his hands to himself. Lor pouted, putting his feelings back in the boxes they lived in. This was why he stayed in Undavi. It was his. And here everything was Ilithian’s, here he was always getting turned on his head.

”I’m sorry.” He tried again, leveraging himself to his feet. Hands pushing off the floor as he got his legs beneath him. ”Are you alright?” Lor held one hand out, palm open, barely outstretched. He would soothe all her hurts if she wanted, but he would come no closer. From here he could ignore any rejection. Pretend she just hadn’t noticed at all.


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Re: separation anxiety
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Lorivar’s first apology stung more than the slap. Probably because it wasn’t her own face she’d hit. That might have hurt less than the knot of remorse that shot up through her chest, though. Nuzzling her own shoulder she caught herself on Lorivar’s wing. Careful not to pinch the sails as she got her feet on clean floor instead of jelly filled baked goods.

He just sat there a moment. Fuming at the wall in silence. Arms wrapping around folded her wings around herself like a shawl. Hiding her nervous hands in the black membranes. It was mostly an accident! He had hit her first! It wasn’t fair for him to be mad. Lips turning in over her teeth she rubbed her palms together. One tingling, as hot and red as the mark on Lorivar’s face. Regret echoing back at her from his eyes when he finally looked at her again.

Shifting her weight from one foot to the other she half danced on the spot. Waiting for him to stand like an impatient child. ”Are you alright?” She asked back instead of answering, sweeping into the small space between his arm and extended hand. Poor idiot. She pet the welt on his cheek with the back of her hand to cool the skin. ”I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean to hit you… that hard.”

His hair was soft. Barely brushing her forearm when she wrapped it around his neck. Standing on tiptoe with her wings fluttering for balance. Tall enough to reach his cheek that way. A few kisses following the curve of his cheekbone to make the pain better. ”I don’t know what sort of girls you’re keeping in Undavi but I’m pretty sure spanking is the sort of thing you talk about first.” She tried to tease, hoping she sounded less clueless about the subject than she felt.

Maybe they liked it rough over there. Maybe Lorivar was one of those males that enjoyed it that way. It made the space under her guts feel fluttery and hollow all at the same time. They probably let him be as rough as he wanted. She had watched Lorivar spar, she had wrestled him herself for fun. Knew what it felt like to try wriggling him out from between her thighs and panting in the air he exhaled. She could picture the way his muscles would move when he thrust into a woman. Not her, but some eager lover. It made her want to wrap her legs around him- not for wrestling. But it also made her want to jump out the window. She did neither.

Releasing him from the prolonged hug she patted her hair as if that would tame her curls. ”So. We were talking about Shalador…” About anything really. Anything other than the sticky, tricky thoughts in her head. ”I’ll have to follow you home. Briar is staying at Tali’s inn, and I’ll need him back here while I’m gone.” The seat she was leaving behind was much more tempting than Lori’s province court. No one had more experience with Ebenar than Briar did. He and his queenling would need tucking away before she flitted off for a party. And she’d need to leave her strongest allies in the eyrie while she was gone.

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