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Title: [LT] Queen sister
Post by: Wolf on April 03, 2017, 11:55:39 AM
Queen Sister
And pain in Eleniís ass

Vivien Dorhill

General Information: Vivien is Eleniís younger sister - probably somewhere between 7 to 10 years younger.  They both come from a very rich family and while both were spoiled to some degree, Vivien has always received the bulk of the attention due to her caste.  Sheís had the best education money can buy, and now rules a District, though she probably has ambitions for more.  She is unaware of how much Eleni hated living in her shadow, and is upset/offended that Eleni refused a position in her Court.

She is sure she is a very good Queen.  Whether or not she actually is is up to the player. 

I am also *very* interested in her being a potential wife/fiance to my other character Vitally Hollow.

Requested Caste: Queen

Relationship: Younger Sister

Preferred Jewels: Family roll of Summer Sky to Green, but can be rerolled.

Face Claim:Steffy Argelich or whomever

Miscellaneous: Eleni serves in the Shahllene Province Court, so it might be most amusing if Vivien is Queen of one of the open Districts in Shahllene - Imola, or Gien.
Title: Re: [LT] Queen sister
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I'd like to reserve this one please.