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Title: Red-eye, Koa
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Koa Red-eye

The Basics

Full Name: Koa Red-eye
Age: 165 as of AW103
Gender/Pronouns: male/him/his

Ethnicity: Angnuk
Birthplace: Side of the road, nowhere
Current Location: Everywhere
Profession: Seeker

Caste: Warlord
Birthright Jewel: Rose (CUT 90)
Offering Jewel: Purple Dusk (CUT 60)

Face Claim: Lesala Mampa

The Body

Height: 5'9"
Body Type: Not quite stocky
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown & Amber

First to the name, its conception apparent. None would have thought they could be a hint to duality in his soul, they saw only that they were different. One a baby's murky blue that would darken to a mud-wash brown, the other already stained a deep amber. In later years his right eye was more ruddy than golden, pigment reflecting the crescent of red scarring that bisected the sclera.

He wears an air of height. The straightness of his back, and the tilt of his chin. Koa knows what it's like to stand nearly ten feet tall, his body remembers. As a bear his reach is nearly as long, hands the paws of a giant. Long, sculpted fingers exchanged for claws. The power of the bear echoed in wide shoulders and hard muscle. Height mimicked with stance.

He wears clothes for travel. Layers that can be donned or shed. Almost always a hood that can be quickly raised to shade his face or hide his eyes. Ambiguous colors likely to be forgotten.

As a bear he is large, but not nearly the largest. Fur a molten combination of browns, meant to blend into shadows and be dappled by foliage. A hint of the long ago birthplace of his line near the pads of his feet and dusted across his underbelly and chest. Translucent hairs that darken or lighten depending on the light. Reflective protection from a tundra he's never seen.

It lives just below the hollow beneath his right arm. Five dark marks, nearly lost against the pitch of his skin.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Physical Shields
Skin Switcher
Swift Shifter
Craft Weaknesses: Form Stability. Psychic Shields.

Personal Strengths: Steadfast.
Personal Weaknesses: Wary.

Koa is a man of few words, but many questions. Questions he rarely asks. Answers half glimpsed in the passing of time and life. A bustle he stands outside of, even when he stands in the midst of it. Like a statue in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. He carries maps in his pockets and webs in his cabinet. Hands rough with callouses from guiding reins or wrestling tools.

His demeanor is soft and unassuming. He could tuck his hands deep into his map filled pockets and most would still walk past him on the road without worry. A docile sort of warlord. As if all his aggression is saved for the bear. The incomparable rage of the beast more than enough for the man to want anything to do with.

Koa speaks slowly, thoughtfully. Forming words into sentences with care, as if remembering how to structure them. An action not as instinctual with him as it is with so many. But he is a good listener. Attention sharp and focused. His eyes watch the words come to life in expressions. Koa sees the language of the body and hears the words, and notices when they conflict.

More companion than friend, he has trouble with deeper connections. When made, it is without notice or intent. Year spent growing close to the people in his life. Learning them as they learn him, never really meaning to share even when he does.

The Backstory

  • Asher | Father | White to Tiger Eye Warlord
  • Lizette | Mother | Summer-sky to Purple Dusk witch
  • Rowan | Teacher | Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Priestess

History: cw: child almost mutilation
Kao Two-eyes they called him. His mother worried that his second eye was an ill omen. Sign that some spirit had laid hand on her babe. His father found it charming, however, same as he found Lizette's backwater superstitions.

They were unalike, his parents. Koa saw the differences as he grew. Though he'd been born in the back of a wagon on the side of the road - neither parent sure which side of the territory lines they'd been on - he grew up in the city. His father's city. And his mother's prisons. 'How did you meet?' He would ask in awe. 'On accident.' His father would laugh, his mother smiling coyly at his side.

People mocked his mother for her ways. Called her 'hedgewitch' behind her back. But never his father. He smiled at her eccentricities, but he never laughed at them. Even when he didn't agree, which he often did not. He was poise. An aristo without a drop of aristo blood. Koa loved them. And they loved each other, and Koa too, of course.

Koa Two-eye. Koa Two-soul. Asher shrugged, teasing Lizette that she'd always claimed Long Lived blood in her family. It presented itself in their son who took longer to grow than other boys. His years stretched out until he caught up. Old enough to stand before a priestess. She knelt, smiling, and took both his hands, squeezing them comfortingly, and promising him not an ounce of pain.

Koa never thought to offer her the same back. And it was a good thing, too, or he would have been an oath breaker. He clawed her, when he rose from the Darkness, Jewel caught in hand to paw, it clattered to the floor and then vanished, instinctively tucked away as he wailed. His voice no longer a boy's. Koa was instinct and fear. Swiping at her out stretched hand before bolting from temple.

He dashed right between his mother's legs, skirts dragging over his face and down his back. The priestess darting between his parents to chase after him. She was new to the area. Called by the siren song of another Angnuk. But Koa didn't know that until later.

His father was confused, and his mother didn't believe. She was sure it was a curse. The curse of his eye. Her son was not meant to live as a bear, whatever the strange new priestess cautioned. She tried to save him, while Asher was away at work. She fed Koa a heavy lunch, laced with sleeping powders from the healer on the corner.

And she tried to cut out his eye. It had worried her since his birth, she had tried to tell her husband, to warn him. No one had listened and now her son's curse was apparent. Lizette was sure that if she cut out his eye, the curse would come away with it. Weeping she straddled his body, one hand holding his eye wide, the other carving and smiling moon into the shining white just as his father walked through the door.

Koa doesn't know if they loved each other after that. He woke to chaos. The house was noise. An ocean of voices, muffled only when the priestess wrapped him into a blanket. Even though she was closest he could hear her least. Mostly he heard his mother and father shouting, their words confusion and nonsense. Half swallowed by the thundering in his head and the pain in his eye.

His last glimpse of them was through a haze of red. 'Go, go!' His father had ordered, what Koa thought were tears on his face. His mother wept, washing pink fingerprints from her face.

The priestess went, and Koa with her. A silent bundle beside her on the seat of a wagon drawn by an ox. Silent as the healer tended his eye in a village outside the city. Silent as she talked and talked. Of bears.

Angnuk, she called them. Him. Herself. She took him to a small hamlet, tucked into a valley between two wide hills. There he was taught all they knew. The hamlet had sprung up around a monastery. At its pinnacle blazed a black gem stone. The children whispered that it was a shard of Witch's Black to frighten themselves out of sleep at night, after her fall, which was barely felt in their sheltered valley.

Within the monastery lived the Prophetess. Weathered, even when Koa joined them as a boy. She was a black widow who wove webs about lost children. Or children about to be lost. Angnuk children in need of saving or training. Or both. And the priests who ran the monastery helped educated those brought home by her helpers. Boys like Koa. Displaced by an excess of soul.

Koa as difficult to teach however. Taciturn and unwilling to communicate. He turned away from everyone and kept his lips tightly sealed on all the things he needed to say. Sometimes he even stopped up his ears and refused to listen as well as speak. But learn he did. Slowly. Head filled by teachers more stubborn than a boy. And for an afternoon every month he spent the dwindling daylight with the Prophetess.

Sometimes she wove webs while they visited, but she always wove stories. Tales from her girlhood. Tales of other children. Always there were  bears.

Koa's life fell into a pattern. A structured coming and going. Many of the people in the hamlet and those who served in the monastery, left. Like Rowan, they went out to try and find the children glimpsed in webs. Or followed rumors brought to them by other travelers. Some went on less exciting missions. To sell the honey and wool gathered by their small community and bring back things they couldn't or didn't provide for themselves.

Sometimes Koa was allowed to go on these excursions. A watchful, silent shadow to whoever lead the expedition. It helped to teach him how to hold his shape in crowds. He never did grow very good at holding in times of stress however. But it became marginally easier when he finally decided to start talking.

He was too tall for all the clothes of his youth. Arms and legs awkward, body strange. His voice cracked and the pitch changed seemingly day to day. His craft stabilized, and Koa found he was useful. Not easily startled. He listened too well, after spending so long silent. Not easily flustered thanks to patience and exposure. He was never shielded from the world, even while living in their bubble.

Letting all the pain out helped cauterize festering wounds. Why, why, why? Why had  his mother done it? And why hadn't his father followed them when Rowan had taken him away? Koa never got a proper answer. Not even when he dared to brave the world on his own and attempt to retrace the journey back to his roots.

So much was the same. The plants in the garden, the stones that bisected it. But his parents were different. Peered at from across the street, Koa examined them from the shadow an alleyway. They were... old. Skin beginning to wrinkle and thin. His father especially. His hair a shocking silver beside the still dark head of Lizette. Koa chewed his lip, finally shying away when a young woman came out to bring them tea.

The courage wasn't in him to ask them. Not yet. Maybe never. He went back home, instead. Made his Offering with Rowan's guidance. Learned how to read maps and follow webs. To help make sure no one else had to face the hate and fear that could dwell in a mother's heart. At least not alone.

He was camped along an old road when Witch fell. All the air sucked out of his lungs as the world gave a painful heave. Wild eyed, he was shaken from one form to the other, forcing himself back again so he could calm the children who traveled with him. A pair of siblings that had refused to be separated. The parents too fearful one would become like the other.

Bustling them into the wagon, Koa rode it hard home to make sure the monastery stood. Which is did, serene as ever. Promising to always be a beacon to guide him back to peace.

The Writer

Player Name: dergon/cole
Player Pronouns: she/her
Timezone: -6
Contact: PM or discord
How did you find us?: I was in the closet

Inactivity Instructions: Retire. Write out as necessary.
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The Darkness has granted you...
Cut 90
Purple Dusk
Cut 60

As requested, THREE family rolls:
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2: Summer-sky to Purple Dusk
3: Summer-sky to Purple Dusk
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