Promises and Payments
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She could hear the humming again. It was never too loud and never too soft, but a sound that was just right. It was soothing at the same time that it pricked at her, touching things that did not need to be touched. She knew there was something just out of reach that the humming grasped for, something she did not want to name. Emeline rocked quietly in her chair, hands clutched in her lap, eyes that looked at the wall unseeing. The humming still heard as her mind took her back, took her where she really didn't want to go.

It had been a few weeks since the beast had appeared over Dena Nehele, a few weeks since the terrified move to Askavi. Patience before her and Rhett behind. Left behind to help the stragglers. Such a hero was her husband, one she could be proud of and was proud of. A breeze blew a strand of hair across her face and thin fingers moved it away, the action subconscious and without thought. She was remembering somewhere in the dark of her mind. Such darkness inside her mind.

The beast that people had whispered was a dragon, but was it really a dragon? Emmeline had seen a dragon, had spoken to a dragon. It had been there when the task was asked. Such fire in its eyes, spewing from its mouth. Had she spoken to it? She had to have spoken to it. She remembered speaking to it. The chair creaked with the motion of her feet and she rocked a little more, a little harder, her agitation plain in her movements.

She could not find Rhett for so long after the gate was closed. Little Patience given to one of the maids to care for while Emmy searched for her husband. What she had found had not been pleasant, but Emmy loved him anyway. She had reached so far, so deep and so determined. Feet fed her motion, fingers tight in her laps. She'd done what she'd needed to do, what she had to do and the screams filled her ears again. Gone to the depths of her red to do what she must, a red she reached for now and was blocked from. The humming stopped abruptly.

That was odd. Itchy. Uncomfortable. Reached for her green and screamed silently as tears streaked down her face. Empty. She was empty and alone.

Remembered the price her dragon had asked for what she must do and the agreement she had made. Nothing touched her now. The darkness so far away from her. Eyes watching her from that darkness or were they eyes behind her. Head shifted to the doorway and the shadow that stood there. Fingers unclenched and reached for him. Had the scream been silent? "Rhett," she whispered as she reached for him a sad smile on her face, "My husband. My hero."