Dominated by the forests that help supply Raej's lumber, Lys is home to mixed deciduous and coniferous woods, the broadleaf trees sprawling through Hvit and Hyle before fading into their pine cousins toward the Hyle-Askavi border. Stjerne and Hyle are also home to the majority of the territory's military training grounds. Multiple towns linked through the forests closest to the Askavi-Dhemlan borders are populated by those serving their terms in Raej's armed forces, and many of those towns are where the career military of Raej make their homes.
The largest of Raej's Provinces by a slim margin and split down the middle by the River. It has half the number of military towns as Lys, as they only extend along Raej's shared border with Askavi. Its vast stretch of woodland is one of Raej's preferred military training grounds, although most permanent settlements belong to foresters, hunters, and non-invasive crop farmers, such as those that provide truffles and other naturally occurring commodifiable plant growth. Wild boars are common, as are deer and other cervids, like elk and some very southern venturing caribou.
The smallest of Raej's Provinces, Uhyggelig is the most trade affected. It has a larger coast than Lys, and more ports, coastal towns rife with foreign influence. Even Kjeve, as far as it sits from the sea, is not immune. Mor Kul isn’t a deterrent to those who sail to her ports. The majority of Raej's intercontinental trade happens through Rynke and Glise, goods moving up the River Walk via barges and through the districts by wagon. Uhyggelig's coast, large in comparison to Lys', allows for greater harvesting of sand for glass, as well as coastal fishing.


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