Home to the Dreamer, Giali District is more heavily forested than the others due to the extended habitation of strong Queens. The City of Dreams is the largest city in the territory, hemmed in by a grove of trees over a hundred feet tall. At the center of the city grows the Dreamer’s Tree, the hollow in its roots is where all the dreams and histories of the Dreamers’s is kept. The city has grown up around the tree, even as it has grown ever skyward. The Dreamer lives half in the city and half in the tree itself.
The eastern district of Vaisali was the last to be reestablished. North of the Queen City, near the border of Scelt, is the Walker’s Cave. Its precise location a secret to all except for the male Black Widows.
The western district is the largest, but most of its territory is given over to grasslands and unusable for living space. It functions well for hunting and gathering, as many edible plants grow here, along with tall stalks of grain. On these grasslands, or ash fields depending on the season, the district’s coalition meets with foreign traders who come to Tigrelan’s shore. On the rare occasion the City’s Queen or Coven Leader will also join in the negotiations.


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It is the passing of an era. The age After Witch is now the Fire Age on She Returns. A Black Jeweled Dragon Queen rules in Ebon Askavi, and the people are once more dreaming of Witch instead of having nightmares.

We are an AU Black Jewels RPG that is continuously expanding the world lore to truly make it our own. Come join us and play in our sandbox!

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