This large northern province is the most populated area in the territory. The northern plain is not suitable for crops, but provides grazing ground for the indigenous elk, deer, and mountain goats that provide a large portion of the Eyrien diet. Near the Caprice Run is the traditional Territory capital of Capricia. The people in this province are hardy and more warlike than in other parts of Askavi due to the shared border with Dhemlan. Places of Note: Ebon Askavi, The Dark Gate, Caprice Run, Blood Run, Capricia, Recina Harbor
A coastal region of quiet fishing villages and livestock farms this territory has often been overlooked by Eyriens. The Province seat, Entella, was moved to the Island during the war with Witch so that queens could be housed in the most defensible area. Many consider it a landen safe zone, and due to the Eyrien laws protecting them landens from across the realm have settled in the region. Its hard winters and silty soil are not ideal for farming, but the fishing is plentiful and the new city of Potentia on Undavi Island promises a healthy shipping industry could take root. Places of Note: Entella, Potentia and the associated harbors, Cales Coast
The Eyrien villages in this province are more open to immigration and trade than any other part of the territory. To the northwest sheer cliffs drop off into the sea, making it unsuitable for fishing. Falacrine is the Province seat and it rests on the precipice of the Khaldharon Run. It is one of the largest cities in Askavi. Cotton is grown in the valley between the Great Mountains and the border with Shalador. A great deal of trade takes place in the south western mountains near the Shaladorian city of Ancar. Wool is also produced in mass quantities in this area. Places of Note: Falacrine, Khaldharon Run, Aryxian Eyre.
The only Province seat on flat ground is Suasa, on the southern border of Ancravi. The city was badly damaged in the war, but rebuilding is slowly taking place. Once a volcanic area the basin plains have the most fertile lands in Askavi. Anything will grow here. Thus there is a very high landen population in the area. Wheat and potatoes are the most prevalent crop choices, though a great deal of hunting takes place in the mountains. Due to the volcanic nature of the mountain arch that half encircles the province there is a large natural cave system. Metals are mined in the mountains. Places of Note: Suasa, Turin, Hygerea Mines.
Another tumultuous region of Askavi. The greatest skirmishes with Dhemlan have taken place over Lake Bellator in the east. Without the lake for a freshwater source of irrigation the land would not be fit crops. A great deal of deforestation has taken place around the lake and other low-lying areas but a thick natural forest still straddles the border with Raej. Hunting camps often fight over the wooded area since it is rich with moose and elk. The Province seat, Ligure, is high in the mountains. From that peak you can see across the Black Valley to Ebon Askavi. Places of Note: Ligure, Lake Bellator, Gaeta valley, Fano Mines, Ausona Forest.


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