Ferocious [jcink]
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After a 250 year long war stemmed from abominations souring the earth through a scientific cure, supernaturals have made themselves well known in the world. Reigning over humans now, settlements are scattered throughout countries and held as safehavens against the Ferocious. New Greenwich, Oregon was known as one of the safest places on earth but that was before the Resistance Uprising, when humans overthrew the government, forcing citizens to evacuate to the nearby safehavens for the time being. Five years later and the city has been retaken with policies changed, granting all species to be seen as equals finally. With racial prejudice still a hair trigger away from stirring more civil unrest, it's clear that the city is still struggling to mend many of the wrongs in the past. Humans are still wary of their supernatural counterparts, namely in that of vampires, while witches and fae remain unnerved around one another and werewolves are recovering from their drastic loss in numbers.

As the only city on the west coast to be held with specie equality, New Greenwich stands on the precipice of being regarded as either a beacon of hope or a damnable abomination to those that continue to survive around the globe.