Event: Welcome to the Jungle
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It was never advisable for Sorcha to come here but she was the queen of this territory, she would check the gate was safe. She believed Leas when the Cervini told her it was so but her priestess understood when Sorcha had to see for herself. Her grandmother had done the same and the woman before her and the woman before her. To shirk tradition now when she was working to get the people behind her would destroy what she'd painfully built. Dea al Mon demanded a strong queen and Sorcha would be that queen. It was necessary to see the gate and to check the part of the shield not far from it.

It was not as if she was unsafe, her red guard surrounded her and the gate guard would be there. The red guard was the one thing she could not stamp down this day. Too many murmurs and rumors of darkness in the world and movements of her cousin. To do this one thing, Sorcha had had to bend. So she'd bent. Now she strode confidently, steps sure and shoulders back, her most trusted beside and to the back of her. Only the trusted would be behind her ever. Blades ever-present at her hips and thighs. Sorcha was prepared for anything.

Pomp and circumstance saw her to the gate and she had hoped Leas would be here but the priestess was off visiting that man of hers. Men. Sorcha never knew what to do with them but she could no deny Leas her wish. Bows and scrapes, Sorcha ignored and spoke with the apprentice of her priestess. The girl had promise so Leas had told her, she was attentive and good at explaining, showing and telling Sorcha that the gate was well. Nothing had tried to come through and they expected nothing.

"Good," she told the girl, "My spider has told me, the usurper is moving towards the gate. Make sure Leas posts double the guard, shields, and traps need to be laid.... What is that?" Sorcha's brows furrowed, drawn down at the twitching of the gate. A sheen shimmered across the opening and she snarled, "Nothing comes through! Man your positions! Arm yourselves now!" Barking orders, blades in her hands without her knowledge and Sorcha readied what she would need. She could feel something dark behind her and she spun to see a pale wolf creeping forward.

"Sorcha!" her rearguard, her best friend called to her, "Look!" Sorcha tore her gaze from the golden sight of the wolf's piercing eyes and looked to the gate again. A sheen that shimmered, pulsed with darkness, light, and darkness as the magic of the gate calmed again. "What the fuck?" she whispered to herself before a lash of craft magic slapped her in the face. The wolf behind her howled in pain and terror. The force of the wildcraft brought her to her knees, shields thrown around her people on top of the personal ones quickly placed. Shields that slipped and slid away from her grasp.

*What have you done?! What have you done?! Idiot child!*

Something slammed into her personal shield, sliding through it like nothing. Her brain was rattled and she shook her head to clear the ringing. Shaky probes streaked with reds and blood opals flared from her to slide over the wolf and beyond. She knew the taste of that caste. Warlord Prince and something similar she had tasted before. She knew it and didn't and couldn't place it but she would. *Stupid girl with your stupid war! Look what you have done!* the wolf growled and snarled in her face, a thread on the distaff boiling her mind. He was knocked a side as a flank guard slapped him with a thread of craft, always their job was never forgotten.

Hazel eyes dazed and clearing, she screamed at the pain of the wild craft. Screamed again when she saw the wide-open eyes of her rearguard. Her best friend and confidant. Her lover when times called for it. Lifeless and limp. Smashed by the craft that had slapped them all. Probes slammed back to her. Slammed back into her mind to tell her the truth. The truth of it. *Sorcha the winds are gone,* the spider's voice slid into her mind on the sapphire and Sorcha knew Isolde was not far, *They spit me out about a mile away. I don't know what is happening*.

Probes thrown out again, solid with the red of her offering jewel and when they came back to her, Sorcha's mind reeled with the knowledge. Her probes were telling her something her mind could not comprehend just yet and she mulled them, twisted them and tasted them before her eyes widened. Widened as she watched the wolf rage and hiss and snarl in the grip of craft threads. *Idiot, stupid child. It's gone! Do you not see!? GONE! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!*, the wolf that was Wulfric Grimm screamed into her mind on a thread of red.

The shield around Dea al Mon was gone. 

Dea al Mon was exposed to the rest of the realm and she had not done it.