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Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: October 04, 2021, 11:56:00 PM »
Something small and young in her ached to linger. It marveled at their circumstance, at the shifting of the world in her mind, brought on by an encounter that, had any step been different, might not have happened at all.

But they could no more linger in the road than Audun could sprout wings and fly, and she imagined there were those waiting for Koa too. People who needed him more than she did. She tilted her head in the direction she'd come."The same. There is a - dip, a rut, some ways back, after the second fork on the - right, if you go that far, but it's close to the edge." It hadn't proved too difficult to avoid in her wagon, but his was wider, and foreknowledge might prevent damaging a wheel.

Grit reattached, Audun hesitated to take the step that would put her back in the driver's seat, watching him with his mules. It felt - there should be something. Something said, something done. But besides pamphlets for contact there was nothing Audun had on her that wasn't work related, or clothes.

"I'll look out for them," she said. "Thank you. For the help. For..." she waved a hand, at a loss. For being different than almost everyone she had ever met? For being on the same road at the right time? "For this. I hope we meet again."

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: September 03, 2021, 02:32:23 AM »
Audun nodded, thinking of how many of her siblings there were, and how many townspeople. The difference was staggering. That drive for isolation was what had her so eagerly anticipating assignments, after all. Even as infrequently as she shifted, the drive was there. "We do indeed."

She nodded in commiseration. "It took training, like any Craft thing." Most inhabitants of Raej tended not to notice the webs, was her understanding. And the people who it affected most were those who were newer. She'd never asked any fresh arrival how it felt to enter the territory. It felt - wrong, somehow. Like she shouldn't bring attention to it.

If you knew, you knew. If not, you left it alone.

"It helps to take breaks, to be outside where the webs aren't." she admitted. She imaged the people who lived in the city full time grew some kind of immunity to it, a clarity. Certainly the people who were born in the cities didn't seem to experience the same kind of dissonance she still felt if she was away too long. What was the country like for them? Maybe they'd all go mad if they were let loose in the wild.

The curve of the road drew her eyes if not her full attention. "Not this next town, but the one after." A home web in need of review after the spring rains. She was looking forward to find out how easy the access would be, and if she'd end up crawling around in the mud. She looked back, not quite sure where they stood, now. Strangers with the same secret. "How's the road?"

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: July 08, 2021, 09:32:26 PM »
Secretive was one word for it, Audun thought. Secret enough to have been kept right under her nose as a child and still not notice until it bit her.
My own willful wandering didn't help, she allowed. Home had never been quite able to cool her heels enough. More time spent between the walls of her childhood instead of beneath the sky may have sooner revealed the secrets of her family to her. But maybe that was part of the bear too - after all, Koa seemed happy enough roaming hither and yon, and Audun couldn't imagine that all of her siblings were just roosting at home, tallying ledgers and doing farm work.

"I don't know weather I want there to be only a few, or very many, stashed all around." Secret and safe, was the key. She'd been a menace in her fur, during her learning, and a danger. The shadows of her first shift still clung to her worst days, claws sinking as deep into her as hers had then. She wondered if it would be as hard, now, so long from a shift. If having those like her around would be better or worse for it.

She tilted her head back and forth, one of her hands following the motion. "Now that I've been trained to, for the most part. It's hard to distinguish the older ones from the land some, the way the soil absorbs the Craft. New and recently repaired ones are the easiest to feel, they aren't quite so smooth." Like a paving stone lifted and replaced, almost perfect but not quite. Sometimes that was what one had to look for, when finding what the upset in the web was. "I don't do so much work on them, myself. I just determine how big the working is and who might be best for it.

She'd never been able to pin down how the awareness of a web felt to her, and often times no two reports of web 'activity' were the same. People wrote in about feeling wrong-footed, about feeling tired, or anxious, or just feeling like the Craft around their home was 'too heavy' or 'too light'. The first part of an assessment was often trying to see if it was the web acting up or something else. "The ones in the cities are the most obvious, I think. It's like a calming drought I guess, but in your thoughts. People don't tend to be as in a hurry in those places." Although the pleasantness was sometimes strangely artificial to those aware of it, there was a surprising lack of crime in the places where the foundation webs were densest. The compulsion that 'people with horns are perfectly normal, everything is fine' tended to sand down even unrelated nerves.

There were a lot of smiling tourists and immigrants in the cities. Sometimes Audun wished she got assigned there more, just for relief from people being in a snit about her inspecting their property. Those city webs typically had specialists on hand though, and she couldn't claim there was any kind of truth in her frequent desire for a change in scenery.

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: June 26, 2021, 10:11:27 AM »
It was easy to smile at that, shaded by her own memories. There had been no end to stepping on one another's toes in her home, built, as it had been, for a family of considerably smaller size. She'd avoided it in her youth by being out and about as much as possible, but it was something she'd admit to missing, too.

There was something to having a place where one was known, as much as you could be, and loved.

She gave herself a little shake. She'd write to her mother, soon, and sooth the fissure of unease that then rose so easily. Maybe she would finally bend, and make time to visit. Her mentor in the Bureau would be pleased, likely almost as much as her family.

"Nor to me," she murmured. And perhaps for the best, ultimately, although she knew the weight of their isolation must weigh on her mother and elder siblings, if they thought they were otherwise alone. They were a secret for a reason, even in the territory built to make secrets safe. She glanced up, fingers twitching to draw the map slightly closer.

Taking in his mule and wagon again, the dimensions of it made sense. Her own set up with Grit was for her and her alone, for storing whatever provisions she needed. The extra space in his meant significantly more when considering smaller passengers and their own accompaniment.

The exhilaration of finding one of her own was not enough to push aside the ingrained hesitance regarding the details of her own origins, however. She looked back down at the map and it's borders, drawn and physical, and thought of her mother. Her older siblings.

All chances, taken blindly.

"My mother keeps a place in Stjerne," she said. "She and my elder siblings, now." That much was still truth - she doubted some of them would ever leave. "I had never considered another place that was for us, although it seems silly now." There must be more, she thought. There must be other places that house us and keep our secret. Struck, abruptly, by the distances that would be much harder to travel with the winds apparently inaccessible, Audun called to hand a narrow sheet pamphlet, spelled to endure even the most aggressive weather.

"This is my work,"she said, placing it between them on the cart. The sharp lettering of the Bureau's addresses across the territory and their courier routes seemed out of place next to Koa's map. "I assess foundation webs. You can request me specifically, through one of the offices, although if I'm far away it may take some time to come around." She didn't want to lose even the possibility of a connection to a part of her life that, frankly, Audun handled with relative caution and apathy. She was so rarely in her other skin that she sometimes felt divorced from it; but it felt urgent, now, that she not at least give him a way to contact her. "Perhaps yours and mine can be friends."

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: May 04, 2021, 01:33:18 AM »
The surreality of the situation, buoyed her, made her feel lighter than air. She'd made assumptions, of course, about where her siblings had come from. Presumably she hadn't been blood mother to them all, their ages too close or too far, children brought one after the other in what she'd learn was apparently whenever they ere found.

That there were other places like that, enough of their - people? - community that there was cause enough to have more than one place for them? It made her want to send a letter to her mother, something she did less and less frequently over the years.

She peered with restrained eagerness at the map he spread out for her, tracking his finger, the space around it. "So far from mine," she murmured, resting her fingers lightly against where the map trailed away. Stjerne seemed so far away just then. "I find it hard to believe there is ever enough space," she said with a laugh, gaze skating up and down the parchment. So many roads she'd surely traveled, and so close! How many farmsteads, hamlets, villages had she been sent to around them, and never been near enough to know?

She looked up at him, thinking of the webs, of the Bureau. Of the Winds, ragged and then gone. Of her mother, across the territory. "Does yours communicate with any others?" Her mother... hadn't, presumably, but she couldn't be sure. Audun had never been as involved with the running of the house as her elder siblings had. "Have they been affected badly by the - the Event?"

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: February 12, 2021, 09:52:33 AM »
Work would have been the easier topic of discussion, rather than the double-speak that was happening. Her bear was the only thing she never knew how to broach with people, and often left it unsaid. There were no familiar by-lines to fall back on, and her client confrontation tone would be an insult.

Instead, Audun got blindsided by the relative frankness of Koa's statement.

If anyone were to ask, she wouldn't have been able to tell them what face she was making when the pieces clicked into place, only that she managed, through some feet of Craft and muscle memory, not to run over her own foot with the wagon as it was finally edged off the road enough to be out of the way. There had never been a conversation with her mother about how to confirm one's... difference to another person that that difference applied to, not that she can recall.

Instead, she turned, fighting to keep the pleasant understanding on her face without it looking fixed or falling into the stunned shock she feels so acutely. At the same time, she reached out, testing the waters of his psychic scent for the tangle of wild notes she'd been trained into recognizing.

The same wild difference in her own scent, in that of her family's, that felt like a slap when she found it in the man who'd helped her reposition her wagon. A total stranger, with something so secret in common. How fantastic.

"I understand," she said, voice pitching awkwardly with the sudden lightness of relief. It was as if some great, unseen weight had rolled off her shoulders. Tension she hadn't been aware of flooded away. "I didn't know there were other places like my home," she admitted, smiling a touch crookedly. "but it's silly not to have considered it. Is yours very far?" Maybe it was something she could loop in to her route, although it was just as likely in the opposite direction of where she was headed.

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: January 09, 2021, 09:52:48 PM »
"It can be," and would be, this time. Unless something sprang up that had her mentor summoning her back early, which. Was just as likely as not, at this point. She wouldn't put it past the world to throw something else confusing and obnoxious in their path.

In comparison, Koa was a straightforward curiosity. Audun knew better how to deal with people shaped questions than invisible, nebulous things like 'where are the winds?' and 'where did that power come from?' She hadn't been able to use them at all, anyway, there wasn't much change on her end.

But maybe this was a good change, the Darkness dropping a familiar stranger in her path. There were often strangers on the road, after all, and while most of them were of the 'tip your hat and pass by' type, there were always those who were memorable for their rudeness. Those individuals tended to easily outshine the strangers who were unique in their kindness -- rarely was there an individual who was both kind and interesting, and Audun was beginning to think Koa was one of those.

His statement caught her, sparked a laugh that made her avert her gaze to the wagon wheels. "They are often, I agree. I think of my work when I rest and of rest when I work." She hoped he hadn't thought her dismissive, as she hadn't meant to laugh, but it was something she'd felt herself. She was at once most at home in her work, but she liked the familiarity of her dorm in the Bureau's barracks, of her peers who lived around her, the regular trundle of bureaucracy and paperwork filing. Until it got too stifling, at least.

The next moment her breath stuck, the edges of her smile catching on her mouth. It sounded - it sounded like he worked for her mother. How often had she called her home a place for those who needed 'extra help' or 'different attention'? Always so careful to keep their truth hidden, their second shape a secret.

They had never discussed what to do if she ran into someone who she thought was a member of their - blood? Kind? Audun didn't even know her true father, beyond that he was likely Raejian himself and less likely Nissi, although who could say if bear craft would overwhelm horned craft. The desire to blurt out her suspicions barked against her teeth, and she clenched her jaw against it instead.

Carefully, carefully. Her mother would advocate caution, and Audun was inclined to agree. There were better ways to bridge the gap. "Really?" her interest, at least, was genuine, even if she felt she sounded strained while navigating her own words. "I was raised in a similar manner. My mother attends to children who require a more flexible education." Swallowing, she bit back her instinctive fear, hoping the thread of vulnerability would not be cut. "There are often unexpected shifts in their, our, learning."

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: November 22, 2020, 04:47:33 PM »
All her nerves were in tune when Koa came upon the other side of the wagon and began to help push, and Audun felt that her attempts at fleeting glances in his direction were both obvious and at once impossible to stop. He felt - familiar almost, and it had been decades and decades since Audun had stumbled home and found a family changed and yet the same. Her mother had known, in that intimate way mothers simply knew things, and her siblings had shown her how to recognize it.

But how did one ask? Do you, perhaps, turn into a large carnivore? Are you, sometimes, a bear? It felt like madness. A lightning storm over taking her on the road would cause her less stress.

"Many have," she confirmed. Many had tucked in tight to their hamlets and their boroughs and begun to pray more fervently than they had since the time of Witch, if the elders were to be believed. "The roads are often clearer now, at least. I'm keen to see my journey end." Even though that promised several weeks if not months of travel, depending on the pockets of civilization that she ran into and what their problems were.

"Where do you see your journey end?" Perhaps this could pave the way to... some kind of confirmation. She would never lay the claim that she came from a creche of bear-people, but messages were often hidden in the layers of words. If she were wrong, then nothing would come of it. If she were right, maybe the damn prickling across her back would settle. "Are you returning to family, or to trade?" The wagon gave a little creak as it slid along, and Audun reminded herself not to bombard him with questions. He'd hopefully be less likely to throw up a wall if she skirted the matter.

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: October 27, 2020, 03:23:32 AM »
She hadn't considered she might be the more forward of the two of them, but the more the man talked the stronger the feeling grew. He seemed as reluctant as she to bridge the gap, at at least as cautious, even if their reasoning was different.

"It's straight enough that way," she reaffirmed, tilting her head behind her as she watched him descend. Civility and curiosity restrained the caution in her, and she slid from the wagon on the in-road side, allowing for the change in distance even as her instincts strained in too many directions. The hair on her nape stood on end, and she kept him in the corner of her eye as she patted Grit's flank to alert her to her presence. There wasn't enough room between her and the hitch to kick easily, and she seemed calm enough as she investigated the man - Koa - and his team.

But Audun needed the reassurance, and didn't want to take any chances of making a fool over herself and spooking her mount.

She unhitched the wagon, resting the hook of the chain on the crossbar to keep it from irritating Grit, and laid narrow shields beneath the wheels. The wagon itself was still fairly heavy, weighed down with her things, but there was less resistance as it began to ease slowly backward.

"She's as like to find your treats as to take a finger," she advised, one hand on the side of the wagon and one on it's foot plank while she extended the shielding little by little. Fingers pressing into the wood grain to grip without making it look too obvious that she was grabbing it out of tension. Slow, small steps as it moved back. "Are you out here for work? Seems to be the only reason anyone's leaving lately; work and running messages." Perhaps he was a courier; there were enough of them about now that Audun had used the excuse herself when she'd faced contact on the road she didn't particularly care for. Darkness, but she couldn't get a read on herself enough to suss out what her instincts were saying. Koa, at least, didn't appear to have any ill intentions. Yet.

Unless he was planning on snatching her mule, which. She'd like to see him try, for the comedy of it.

Lys / Re: Traveling Too
« on: October 21, 2020, 11:29:31 PM »
She had not been expecting to come face to face - or mule to mule, as it were - with someone else on the road. To be fair, she hadn't actually seen vary many people outside the boundaries of their homes in general, everyone caught in clusters worrying over things they could feel and not see.

Well, Audun was seeing and feeling what had had her hackles up, and the what was a who. A man with his own mule set and wagon. A man who felt strangely... home-like.

This, coming from a stranger, caught wide-eyed from the opposite end of a back-road, wasn't something that sat well with her. The state of the world had everyone in odd sorts, and Audun didn't think herself above that, but she couldn't account for the weirdness of an unknown someone in the forest.

"Hello," she called, gathering her composure to lift a hand in brisk wave. It was her 'sorry for showing up at your door at this odd hour, I'm friendly, you've been expecting me' voice. She tried to soften out the surprise and whatever obvious caution that had crept into her face. "I'm sorry, I can't imagine you have much room." Not that she did, either, but she could at least get off the turn. One mule and a smaller wagon would be easier to move than his pair, if she had to guess. Flicking a quick glance backward, she eyed the road, judging the distance between her and the closest stretch of shoulder not choked in grass.

Eyes back on her company, she said, "It'll take a bit, but I can back up, let you pass." She'd have to unhitch Grit and push the cart backward with Craft, but a careful application of physical shields beneath the wheels would make sliding it easier. Faster. Get her back on her way and ease the unsettling familiarity of the man.

At the same time, she couldn't quite convince herself to look away from him, and it wasn't fear that stayed her. She knew she hadn't met him before, but couldn't shake the sense of recognition that kept her in her seat. The urge to move Grit closer was waylaid only by the knowledge that it could make navigating with their carts even more difficult. "I'm Audun," came belatedly, unable to shake the curiosity in her voice.

Lys / Traveling Too
« on: October 19, 2020, 03:11:03 AM »
Audun's job had only gotten weirder since the 'Event'. It was something she'd had to take mostly on faith, those first few days after it happened. She'd had some unsettling dreams but could never remember them, and, stationed in Hjerte after submitting her most recent assessment, she wasn't actively looking for things that were wrong.

Then she'd come to in the Maintenance Bureau's barracks after a dream that vanished the moment she opened her eyes, and everyone had been in a tizzy. Every Blackwidow in the building had been called into the office of the director, while couriers ran at speed into and out of the bustling halls. Her peerage, those who's skills lay in assessment and preservation, gathered in drifts in the yards and windows, waiting for some kind of update. Those who had reached out with curious psychic touches to their mentors had been quickly rebuffed, the sense of urgency only heightening the longer the silence held.

When the news broke, it wasn't what Audun had been expecting.

Power, pure Craft, had come across the Askavi border in a wave that flattened trees. What had the entire Bureau buzzing wasn't the impressively renovated forest, however, but the influx of reports of changes in Raej's foundation webs. Already letters and psychic communications were bouncing across District and Province borders, all funneling toward Lys and the current Court residence. That the Winds had apparently been ripped apart was secondary: the cornerstone of Raej's peaceable trading, tourism, and immigration had been touched in a way no one could understand. And that had everyone scrambling.

Which was how Audun found herself sent out on a long assignment. Her mentor, who commanded several teams in addition to a dozen assessment contractors, had sent all but the newest and the currently occupied into the field. To all corners they went, working their way from town to town, village to village. Checking every foundation web, reinforcing where they thought necessary, cataloging every detail. She found her artistic abilities greatly increasing, at least those pertaining to mapping web structures. More and more of her reports were returning with preserved sketches of webs, describing as best she could the difference in the feel of them when there wasn't any physical change.

It meant, too, that each stay was longer. She'd left Hjerte with a one-man wagon and a mule, supplies enough to see her through several weeks, and a map of stops with good markets. Those provisions had lasted the trek out to Skygge's joint border with Dena Nehele and Askavi, almost as far as Murm Hontum, only because she was spending almost a full week at each settlement, every web given hours of consideration. Take as much time as you need, her mentor had said, more serious and solemn than Audun had ever seen her. We need to know everything we can, and if that means a week in a hamlet looking over every single web they have, then so be it. But don't dally, either. We must move quickly, and you have a lot of ground to cover.

Ultimately she'd circle back to Hjerte along the River Walk, but what that meant now was that she'd crossed into Lys with Askavi at her right, several weeks behind her and even more before. Between towns the forest was quiet, hushed in a way that had her nerves twanging with tension. She'd encountered the carpet of trees and turned away from it, instructed that different contractors were already scouring the wood. The change couldn't be seen from where she was on the road but it didn't change that she knew it was there, a specter in her peripheral.

That tension was what had her stopping dead in the middle of the road, ears straining, breathing deep. Something was... off. A sound, a smell, a particularly misplaced bird noise. Her mule showed no signs of disturbance, and instead had the gall to look back at her with one dismissive brown eye, jostling the bit in her mouth to express her distaste. Grit, as a travel companion, wasn't terribly fond of stopping in places where there wasn't cover readily available, and Audun took a moment to frown at her before scanning back out into the trees. There wasn't anyone on the road, at least not on the bend she was on, but her sight was limited by the relatively dense branches to either side of the path. There was a network of Nissi footpaths that ran higgly-piggly over and beside the roads, but Audun didn't travel them and didn't quite know what to look for if she wasn't on top of one.

Senses still straining, she clicked her tongue and the reins, and Grit gave a huff at starting on again. "Hush, you," she chided, straining in her seat as though the angle might grant her the ability to see around corners, "I'm the one who'll have to save your hide if we get attacked, not the other way around."

Raej / Dahl, Audun
« on: September 03, 2020, 11:19:38 PM »
Audun Dahl

The Basics

Full Name: Audun Dahl
Age: 114 as of AW 103
Gender/Pronouns: she/her

Ethnicity: Angnuk
Birthplace: Stjerne, Lys
Current Location: Raej
Profession: Apprentice Web Assessment Contractor

Caste: hearthwitch
Birthright Jewel: Yellow (Cut 10)
Offering Jewel: Rose (Cut 10)

Face Claim: Raffey Cassidy

The Body

Height: 5'5
Body Type: Narrow, wiry
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Long brown hair, arrow straight and sleek, often wound up in a braid to keep it from her face during work. Big, blue eyes, high cheekbones, strong jaw. Handsome perhaps, later in life, but delicate now. Soft mouthed, stern browed, Audun looks her age: young. It often means she has to work harder, flex her knowledge more obviously, to be taken seriously, but it's something she's grown to accept if not like.

Narrow and lean, while she hasn't quite stopped growing, she's not likely to get much taller. Travel and work have kept her firm and fit, if not particularly well muscled. Her clothes are those that put up well with wear and tear, easy to patch and difficult to stain. She prefers to look like part of the background, rather than stand out. It makes it easier to go crawling around beneath someone's home if she doesn't care about what her clothes look like, too. Both Birthright and Offering rest on delicate necklaces hidden beneath her clothes.

The symbol that casts her as other is secreted away, five curving lines under her left breast. Almost disguised as stretch marks save for their perfect symmetry, Audun can only just see their ends without a mirror. She knows their placement intimately, eyes having raked over the skin when she'd been young, before... before.

As a bear Audun is still on the smaller side. Heavier, muscled where her first form struggles with it, black furred and dark eyed, the only spot of color being her tan snout. Easier to hide in the shadows of the trees when she looks the part of them.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts
Psychic Probes
Preservation Spells
Vermin Warding
Spell Weaving
Swift Shifter
Craft Weaknesses: Heating and Cooling, Cushioning Spells, Witchfire

Stubborn. Cautious. Audun's job depends on her making quick, accurate, sure assessments of tricky craft and having a keen eye for flaws in the framework of buildings, webs, and people. Mild, mostly, it's easy to overlook her. She's not very tall, she doesn't dress loudly, and she's very direct and to the point - nothing lending to her being remarkable in anyway, except for her skill, which serves her fine. She would rather be known for her work than her eyes or her hair or some snide comment she made.

Not that there aren't snide comments lurking behind her teeth. There definitely are. Audun has dealt with all manner of people in her travels doing work for the territory, and can be quite mean when she wants to be. Picking apart people is easy, when you're good at finding the hurts. But unhappy customers mean an unhappy mentor, and Audun prefers to retain her position. So she keeps most of her comments to herself and works on being good at her job.

In between work, she likes to walk the forest. Not as a bear, but as a girl. The world is very large, and Audun struggles with her place in it. Struggles with her other, larger half, even if she no longer fears it.

The Backstory

  • Name | Mother | Purple Dusk to Opal Blackwidow
  • Name | Sibling | Tiger-eye to Summer-sky Caste
  • Name | Sibling | Tiger-eye to Summer-sky Caste
  • Name | Sibling | White to Yellow Caste
  • Name | Sibling | Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Caste

CW for minor depictions of character death

There was nothing significantly unique about Audun. A bright youth, often found causing mischief with her agemates. Not demanding or drawing enough to promise a Queen, not intuitive enough for the Widow paths, or inclined enough toward the healing arts or the Darkness, it was evident from a young age that the obligations of Caste would not weigh on her.

The youngest of the Dahl children, Audun's greatest struggles were being coddled and sticking her nose into everyone's business because of it. Several years the junior of her closest sibling, she often felt left behind, patronized to, or dismissed. It didn't help that their mother was often absent, traveling for 'work', although none of her children or neighbors knew what exactly she did - only that her returns to the village were accompanied by a child. The assumption was that they were all hers, fathers ranging wide, but none could say for sure.

So Audun sprouted, grew stubborn, spitfire, and rebellious, keen on proving her independence, that her elder siblings cossetting was unnecessary and that she could handle herself.

Natural curiosity and a penchant for analytical problem solving drove her to seek answers from any in the village who would humor her, Blood and Landen alike. Dirty, bruised, scraped, and gaining scars from sticking her hands places that she wasn't ready to, Audun kept her own counsel and balked aggressively at those who tried to curb her. Everything was contested - what she wore, what she studied, when she took her Birthright.

Twelve - almost thirteen - when she at last gave in to the pull and went to one of the village priestesses. Sank down into the Darkness to rise with a Yellow as warm as the sun.

Jewel strength changed little for her; she still dug her heels in at the edicts of her elder siblings, still fostered a a resentful longing for the mother that wasn't there. Hearth Craft came easy, swiftly, Birthright adding an edge to what she already felt in her bones. Made exploring and pulling lessons easier. Even the most elaborate of the foundation webs in their village needed protection from the weather, from animals, from time. Eventually she was accepted on as an apprentice to the local maintenance crew that serviced not only her village, but several surrounding hamlets and burroughs as well. Travel suited her.

On one such outing, pushing thirty-three and established enough in her role to travel alone for assessments, Audun sought a partner for the first time. She could feel the tell-tale shift that heralded readiness to descend, and found herself eager for the idea of a new chapter of her life. Perhaps she would understand better what the other women spoke of with hushed giggles if she experienced it herself.

Assessment completed, report sent home, she used the opportunity of a harvest celebration to find her match. A young man, a touch older, with hands that moved in what felt like experience and eyes that warmed. In the dancing shadows of the revelry she lead him into the trees.

When he proved to be less experienced and more forceful, the shifting thing in Audun revealed itself to be more than just the next step toward her Descent.

Teeth. Claws. Blood. No chance to scream when her shifting hand tore through his throat. Her own cries lost in the joy of the night. Black haired, round eared, tawny muzzle stained red. Feet that stumbled over broken limbs and themselves in an effort to flee both the fire behind her and the scene before. Senseless, lost, Audun ran.

Suddenly the forests were not welcoming, shadows writhing with the memory of fire, the tang of smoke and blood, a fever dream of gore and teeth. Scents tangled and ensnared as she tore across the woods. Home was beyond, somewhere, and she had to find it.

Dawn, cresting cool and damp, found her stumbling to her own backdoor. Naked, shivering, muddy. The eyes of her family turned to her with despair, cries of alarm, weeping. The hands of a mother that she didn't know how to hold, a mother returned too late. Audun wept, and for once accepted their touches without reserve, their staggering worry, their hushing. Different, but not alone, second skin a known truth among her siblings, her mismatched family.

Training under her mother went slowly, after. The memory of her first shift a screaming beacon in her mind. But it came, cautiously, until she no longer feared it. Descent delayed but not hindered, she welcomed her Rose without the specter of her furred half at her shoulder.

No matter the stability of her family, the road called to Audun. She lingered as long as she felt she could before parting from them, heading first toward the sea and Bardh Doram. Lingered there, too, learning the ways of boats, of different fortifications for the foundation webs. Then down, along the border, cautiously testing her claws as much as her knowledge. Sharpening her skills in both, gradually winding her way toward the cities.

There, one skill set was prized above the other. Her experience with the foundation webs made her an easy pick for the teams of maintenance crews that patrolled the more densely populated areas, and her willingness to travel made her ideal to send into the farmlands on long trips. Among the cobbled streets and beautiful buildings, Audun found herself aching for the woods; among the trees, she yearned for the sculpted walkways and noise of the city. Caught, pulled back and forth, she continued her training, and began to become known for her accurate reporting and keen eye. The head of her team, a Blackwidow with a discerning eye, often sent her out on little missions, gathering information both in the cities and the farmlands.

And so Audun gets to roam.

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