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Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: June 12, 2021, 06:49:32 AM »

She was like a rocking boat. Pulling away. Leaning in. She did not fight against the pressure at her throat. Or the press of his kiss. Roan was almost certain she leaned into it, lips parting in desire so that he could slip his tongue in. He did not, thrusting her away instead. Just in time to avoid her snapping teeth, which tugged at his lip before they parted.

"Are gremlins somehow harder to kill?" Roan challenged, though he already knew the answer. Her neck hadn't snapped beneath his fingers. His shoulders twitched backward, watching as she fondled the concoction she'd spread on her head. She shouldn't have run from him. Snorting, Roan shook his head at her.

"I don't have any men in the village." He denied again. What they did there he couldn't say. Wanton murder wasn't always the case, though it happened. And plenty of rape and kidnapping, depending on who was running. Michael seemed less inclined to destruction and spearing than proper raiding, anyway.

Roan blamed the wife he was not allowed to meet. But just then he did not wish to think of wives, especially his own sweet Zephyrine. Not with this filthy woman clinging desperately to his arm. Roan cupped her elbow in his palm to help her steady herself, body curving her direction, as if he would coil around her like a snake.

Instead he swooped upon her like a bird. Ignoring her tugging, as if he could be lead like a dog on a leash. Roan lifted her into his arms, fingers spread to support, and touch, as much of her as possible. "For killing, gremlin. Its for killing." And shielding, but Roan left that part out, just as he'd avoided commenting on her ability to find a healer.

Sticking his nose in her hair, he wandered off the direction she'd been trying to force him, squeezing her tight to his body so he could feel it mold against his. The point of her hip, hard a biting. And the soft give of her breast.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: March 13, 2021, 06:34:16 AM »

Their lips mingled, seizing his breath. Not a kiss, not really, but close enough to please him mightily. So much so he almost missed the meaning behind her words. The worm of them wiggled its way through the haze of pleasure and drew his mouth along her skin. Hurt, hurt, hurt. Ooooh.

And then she ruined it. Roan chuckled, the urge to defend falling away as swiftly as it had rose, like the hackles on a dog. "Doubt you I do, my dove." He couldn't let himself be tricked by her nearness. She was soft in his arms. So different than other women. Not at all like his Zephyrine. Roan's heart panged at the thought of his wife, but on the mainland he could not be a husband first.

Here he was raider. A wild warlord prince. Or he was supposed to be anyway. And wasn't it all right she turn to his arms for comfort? He was the only one who could protect her. From others and himself. Especially himself as she laughed at him, the wicked little forest nymph.

Roan frowned as her laughter turned to something darker. A strange sort of seriousness settling over as she pulled away. His body tensed as she did, ready to snatch her back. "Oh?" His eyebrows rose with the question. Crept higher as she lifted his hand to her throat and dared him.

Roan obliged. Long fingers, thick with callouses, wrapping around her slender throat. Pale flesh glimpsed between the tan of his skin, and the dirt that smudged her own. She felt fragile there. Pulse beneath his grip. Some muscle and cartilage. The bones of her spine beneath his finger tips. His grip tightened.

Slowly. Carefully. He waited to see the fear in her eyes. Curious about this strange game of hers. Did she want to die? Did she think he could not do it? Roan had killed plenty, and rarely felt the sorrier for it. Even when it was an accident. Wasn't it his right? He wore the Red. Was a warlord prince of Paon. It should be expected to die at his hand.

"You are a grubby little forest gremlin." He told her, using his hold on her throat to pull her to him and force a kiss on her. Lips hard and unforgiving before he let her go. Mouth and neck all at once. "Another gift for this healer you need so desperately." He told her, standing suddenly.

Roan held his hands out to her to help her up. Glowering in displeasure at the outcome of her challenge. Because he hadn't been able to kill her. Hadn't even felt the slightest interest in doing so. "Come. I'll escort you."

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: February 13, 2021, 06:59:19 AM »

She was placid, for a time. It pleased Roan, but he wasn't sure he trusted in. There was almost always one last, nasty bite in animals slake in the snare. It was a trick, surely. A gathering of strength before the final punishment. Or idiocy, on her account. She couldn't hurt him. Roan was bigger, faster, and stronger.

The tree had been luck. And luck wouldn't come twice to her bidding.

She certainly didn't like it. Huffing as he sniffed her, but being still beneath his questing tongue. She didn't even wiggle. Maybe she did like it. Roan wanted to imagine she did. He was handsome, and the ladies always cooed over his Jewels and Caste back home.

Sia, Sia, Sia he sang to himself. Roan looked her over. Sia. It didn't fit at all. Maybe it would once she was clean, a state he planned on seeing her get to. The image of stripping her down and scrubbing her clean was an enticing one, to be sure. It made his hands a little more greedy as he chuckled at her demands.

"No men." He corrected, finger tapping the tip of her impertinent nose. His name he kept to himself, refusing to give in to her every demand. But he did so want to hear her say it. His hands helped her closer when she came, wandering as she settled against his chest, meek as a kitten.

She had to be up to something. "And that was pure luck, my little dove. The tree got me, not you." Roan nuzzled her, arms and legs securing her nearness. He spread a hand over her ribs, fitting the underside of her breast in the gap between his thumb and forefinger. Oh she very much had to be up to something.

Roan ate it up anyway. Leaning into her so that their breath mingled. The tingle her finger left in its wake spread quickly across his whole body. It was not at all like anything he'd experienced before. He wanted to give in. To heed the reason of her foolishness. But it was foolishness. Roan licked at her.

"Visit you? Where? Certainly not here. As soon as my back is turned you'll be gone never to return." He wasn't stupid. She'd have to hit him in the head with a dozen more trees for him to fall for such a thing. Roan kissed her cheek, lips parting, his open mouth crept across her skin to her ear, where he practically purred. "And what makes you think I won't kill you anyway? And enjoy it when I do?"

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: January 30, 2021, 06:51:08 AM »

It was an uncomfortable feeling, having someone angry with him for so long. This was another reason Roan avoided dragging women home from the mainland. They were always so bitter. He much preferred the women at home, who forgave readily his naughtiness. They understood better his nature, were more capable of handling its whims.

Much preferable to this. Angry eyes and steely demands. Roan blinked at her like a drowsing cat. He gave no indication that he smelled any such man. Or heard any such noise. "Ever, ever?" He questioned instead, lips curling at one corner. Not now, not ever, sounded like a very long time indeed.

Which had to mean she liked him.

Sniffing at her, Roan watched her fingers spread paste on his skin, blotting his wound from sight. It didn't feel like anything. Cool, a little damp, but there was no tricky pain or numbness. The bandaging was another matter. "I might need that arm later." Roan laughed, muscles flexing against the tightness of the wrapping. It bit into his skin when he did so.

She gave in nicely, however. No slapping away of his hands, she let him touch. Even settling into him. Shoulder to chest, head to chin. Roan propped it there, in the tangle of her braids, arm slithering around her to drag her just a little bit closer. Just a little bit. His hand squeezed her hip as she gripped his arm. "That's not nice." He warned.

Sliding his chin free, Roan pressed his cheek to her hair, tucking his nose to her ear and breathing her in. Then licking her. Just a little. The flat of his tongue swiping across all the curling ridges of her ear. She tasted like dirt, and possession. "I haven't decided yet." He was full of conflict. Roan couldn't decide if he wanted to punish her or fuck her. He could do both, even at the same time, but he wasn't sure which would give him the most pleasure. Or the proper release.

"I think your hiding something." He decided out loud. Pushing her away, Roan settled her by his crossed ankles and looked her over, his expression disgruntled. "You don't smell right, and I can't decide if its because you're dirty or up to some mischief." He brushed her hair back behind her shoulders and thumbed her temple. "What's your name? Do you have a man?" If she did, she probably didn't anymore.

Or wouldn't for long.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: January 09, 2021, 07:18:40 AM »

Roan wasn't used to women who didn't care about their appearance. Maybe she was just angry. Zephyrine was always clean. And shining. But it didn't do to think of his wife while he held another woman to his lap. All the women of Paon knew how to turn out. So many flowing skirts. And bear skin.

This one. This one looked like she rolled about in the muddy pits they found pigs in.

He laughed at her. "Alright." He vanished the rag, willing to see where her stubbornness lead her to. He shifted as he called a box in, Opal pooling in his body. Just a box, packed full of things. Plant things. He should take it from her, put it away in his own cabinet. There could be dangerous things in there. Or useful. But Roan let her do as she pleased.

Because it pleased him.

Strange, dirty woman, ordering him about. Smirking, he dropped the shield without imagining doing otherwise. His legs circling her body while he watched her apply the paste. Fencing her in with his long limbs so he could trip her back to his chest if she tried to get away. He wasn't done smelling her.

His grin grew when he caught her looking back at him. Women did that. Men too, sometimes if they were bent that way. Roan was used to it, and still flattered in a passive way by the attention. Mother Night had truly smiled on him in more ways than one. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He smiled, eyes empty. Roan slid closer, legs tightening around her body. He wanted to slide his arms around her too, but refrained.

"It's just me here. And I'm just fine, little song bird." He let her fuss though, sly probes sliding outward to see where the others might be. Busy. Or even going home now. The closer she came, the deeper he breathed, trying to capture her scent. His hand crept to her side, fingers sliding along her ribs, nose dipping toward her dirty skin and braided hair. 

"Closer." He crooned. "It hurts mightily."

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: December 26, 2020, 06:52:24 AM »

"No." Roan assured her, eyes glittering dangerously. Whoever and wherever this Harlow was, Roan hoped he was dead, and if he wasn't, that death was swiftly coming for him. Especially if he was foolish enough to let this one go running around unaccompanied to act the fool.

He liked her better when she was sleeping, Roan decided, wincing as she raked her nails down his arm. Really, that was horribly unfair. If she'd merely been still, he wouldn't have had to run her down that way. Besides, she had started the whole thing jumping out of trees at him.

Losing didn't sit well with her, he saw. But that was okay, it didn't sit well with Roan either. That's why he never lost.

Roan let go. She couldn't escape him now, unless she opened a portal into Hell and vanished into it. Which seemed unlikely. She didn't get far anyway. Slithering from his lap like an angry cat only to vomit all over the trampled snow. Roan's nose wrinkled in distaste. The smell was terrible, Forcing him to slide his feet under his body, crouching rather than lounging to keep any of it from touching him.

What a strange, strange woman. "They're trees." He shrugged, patting her back sympathetically while she threw up even more. He didn't feel the least bit guilty for taking down a single tree, much less half a dozen. And he didn't really feel guilty for nearly crushing her skull along the way. She should have had better sense.

Roan summoned a scrap of fabric from his cabinet. Turning it over in his fingers, he realized it was a piece of Zepjyrine's dress that he'd torn. Grinning, he put that away and tried again. This one was better. A good rag for holding guts in until healers could be summoned. "Here." He offered, holding it out to her. Brows dark with concern. Shoulders tense with possession.

"You look a fright." He informed her, grinning cheekily. All too sure there was nothing in the world he couldn't be forgiven for. He always was, no matter how badly he behaved.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: December 22, 2020, 07:41:30 AM »

Why were there so many vines to trip on? Roan had never experienced anything so like the twisted jungles of Paon - outside of Paon. The faster he moved, the more trees he felled, the more often he found his body stumbling toward the ground. It made him angry.. er. He yanked at them as they twisted around his ankles.

Howling as he dragged them from the ground and flung them away from him. Chasing the trees he knocked down. Eyes searching, nose smelling. Never thinking that knocking down a tree a person was in might harm them. Hardly thinking at all, he was driven by the howling beast. The other male forgotten. The fact that they had shared a ship to these shores never even thought of.

At the moment there was no pack. Just Roan and the girl-woman, whatever she was. Nasty, hiding thing, with that not right smell he couldn't get enough of. What was she? He had to know. And then her blood sang to him. That had to be her. Grinning, Roan ran her down, which was easy to do. She was sprawled motionless on the ground.

The snow around her dark hair was stained red. The smell of tickled his nose. Burned the back of his throat. Roan's teeth gnashed, the prince inside of him screaming. Fool, fool, fool. He should kill her, Roan thought. Surely he should finish it. Hand sliding under her body, he hefted her up instead, cradling her against his chest. Elbow lifting her shoulders higher so he could sniff at her temple and hair.

Craft pooling at the wound at the back of her head to staunch the bleeding. He could do that much. Any warrior ought to know how. "I told you not to runaway." He told her, kissing her cheek and nuzzling that good place in front of her ear. He really should kill her. Instead Roan held her tighter. Too tight. Clutching her possessively as he walked off into the trees.

No place in mind. Somewhere quiet where he could sit and pet her. Waiting for her to wake up. Back against a tree. Craft warming the freezing night air. Woman like a baby in his lap, head pillowed on his shoulder. She was quite pretty, he decided, wiping the dirt from her face. A wild little bitch, but pretty. Roan wanted her. Needed her. "Are you awake?" He asked her, the prince laughing inside.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: November 26, 2020, 05:10:34 AM »

Her taste lingered on his tongue. Roan stood, body swaying, arms hanging loose and heavy at his sides. The world seemed to dip for a moment. Rolling, then tilting. Greying at the edges and then snapping into focus again.

And her taste lingered. He held his tongue still in his mouth, as if movement would chase away the salt and dirt she'd left behind. His blood made the air sing. Small cuts from the rain of smoking wood. Shield forgotten in his rage at having a tree dumped on him. The rapid beating of his heart was like the ocean in his ears, nearly drowning out the sound of her escape.

But her taste lingered. Inhaling, Roan shook of his stupor, boots digging into the soft earth as he turned. He bared his teeth, pressed his tongue to the roof of his mouth, and sucked in air. And some of her spittle. Chuckling, he wiped it away. And then he ran. That way, that way. The dark beast in his heart whispered.

This way. This way.

Drawn by the furious expenditure of craft, one of the other raiders had decided to investigate. Roan felt him, sweeping probes searching for the sneaky little bitch who had gone to ground again. Where was she hiding this time? Roan scanned the trees. High, and then low, when he sensed the approach of the other male.

Oh no. That wouldn't do. Not with her taste like a hot knife pressed to his tongue. "Go." He demanded. And then sent the other male away, his Red racing like a serpent through the trees. There was no hope, no escape, not even a glimmer of a chance for obedience or disobedience. He sent the other male away in pieces.

"Where are you?" He asked, the words gritty. He could still taste her. Like a storm. Roan's lips smacked. The killing fields always turned the artist into a madman. Full or wretched genius. Roan began taking down the trees. One by one. So sure she had to be in one.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: November 08, 2020, 06:27:54 AM »

Tricky little bitch. Roan felt one of the laces on his boot tug free, snagging on twisting vine thorn and pulling loose. It was like a distant thing, happening far away to someone else. Needle teeth slipped through his shield and bit against his clothing. Snagging and plucking as he tried to close the distance between himself and the woman. All his focus intent and transfixed on this one point.

On her. The rest of the world did not exist. The little hurts did not matter. The rumble in the ground was just the snarl in his chest.

She retreated, and he chased. Craft rocking the world around them and knocking her down. A howl of triumph rose in the back of his throat. Roan tripped on his own boot lace running her down. He tumbled after her, reaching out to catch himself with one hand. And to pin her sword bearing hand with his other. His control slipped away, burying his face in her hair, he inhaled. Her blood sang around them, metallic salt in the air, wooing him.

Roan groaned, licking her temple as she wiggled. "Where are you going?" He demanded, trying to pull her back. Swatting the sword away as she writhed, Roan didn't want to worry about being stabbed while he pawed at her, hand latching onto her hips as she kicked away. His shields exploding as she fled and the tree cracked over his shoulders, driving him into the dirt.

Where had that come from? Confusion turned swiftly to rage. Humiliation to defense. Pressing himself upward, Roan sank deep into his Red and let it loose. Power roared out of his body, shattering the tree and jarring his bones, which ached from the impact of both the tree and the craft. Wood rained down around them, and drew attention from those who had slunk too close.

"Get. Back. Here." He snarled. With him was where she belonged. This one he was taking back. She had a lesson to learn. Stumbling to his feet, Roan joined the chase again.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: November 01, 2020, 06:12:43 AM »

Roan smirked, weight shifting as he turned slowly, stalking her. He didn't usually drag hapless victims home, but this time it might be fun to take her down a peg or two. The lack of screaming and crying was certainly a strange turn of events. Enough to keep him interested, and less than murderous.

"All things belong to the Mother." He chided, a shiver running down his spine as he thought of the fat Black priestess sitting atop of Thure. All things for the glory of Paon. But this girl wouldn't understand. Maybe one day the realms would against remember what it was to tremble at the whispered name, but not now. For now their secrecy must remain.

"What is to want of a few trees?" Roan asked, swaying as the world seemed to shift. Quick Opal probes swept outward, searching for others. Had she been hiding an army, this sneaky mountain cat? But he felt nothing but empty forest. And anger. Hers probably. Roan's probe licked out toward her as well. What was she? Other than foolish.

They clashed again. Roan suddenly tangled in vines that had not existed before. Much like the gnarled roots of Paon, they reache dup to trip and grasp at him. He missed her, widely, with his arm. But his craft was quicker to adjust. Catching her ankle and sending her sprawling. It gave Roan time to adjust, his Red burning vines away. Shields pulsing against thorns.

"Cute trick." He snarled at her fleeing form. What was that, acrobatics? Roan glared, fingers worrying each other. Gently. Whispered warning in his heart as his temper rose. Why? He pulled a vine from his calf and tossed it at her, following it. His craft swept outward. An inferno. Roan lifted a shield between the girl and the blast at the last second, diving for her feet.

If he could just pin her down and get a good whiff, he was sure he could figure everything out.

Past / Re: Surprises in Winter
« on: October 17, 2020, 06:26:16 AM »

The fabric of his clothing had parted. Cut, he realized, as the cold air wove its way into the crack to caress his skin. Shields too tight to protect clothing he was likely to discard anyway. Roan so hated to bring all the cling psychic imprints left of his raid clothing home to disturb his wife.

Or make her ask questions.

A single bead of blood welled his shoulder blade. Roan could smell his own power in it. The heaviness of his caste, and the dark promise of his Red. Licking his lips, he took in the scene. A wild creature was poised before him. All tangled hair and dirty hides, waving a sword at him like a child's toy. Roan blinked, half crouched and ready. His thumb rubbing strands of hair along his finger.

"Really?" He asked her, surprise rising the pitch of his snarled accusation. A sword? Against him? Maybe she didn't understand. She was foolish enough to engage him in first place. Roan's heart stuttered in his chest. He hated killing women. But when he walked the fields, Roan killed everything without much thought.

But the killing field did not stretch between them. Just snow and confusion tinged annoyance. "That was, lady, very stupid of you." Maybe he was capture her. It was the thing to do. Drag pretty women back to the islands to serve Paon's glory as slaves. Roan ambushed her with probes. A woman, most definitely, with Jewels a blink in comparison to his Red.

Most of her his however. Caste and flat taste on his tongue. It was like her appearance, too muddied to be judged. He brought the hair she'd shed in his fist to his nose, sniffing. Not quite. That little voice whispered, disturbing him. Roan shrugged it away and lunged, one long arm snaking out to test her reflexes. Craft sweeping out for the opposite ankle.

He wasn't afraid of some furlined waif brandishing a sword. Lazy as he was, Roan was a warrior of Paon.

Past / Surprises in Winter
« on: October 11, 2020, 06:48:13 AM »
@Kenna [/center]

Roan couldn't imagine that anything of interest existed in these Darkness cursed mountains. The air was brittle, like the faint dusting of snow that crackled beneath his feet. And it was cold. Colder than it ever got in Paon, though not the soul shriveling freeze of Glacia. A place he refused to return to after a single winter foray.

But he still didn't like the cold. It made his skin draw tight and his hair bristle. Chilling the tips of his fingers and biting the end of his nose until he thought it was running. He ended up sniffing perpetually, or rubbing his face against his shoulder when he needed to be silent.

The town had been dreary. Shut up tight, probably because of the cold as much of the late hour. Smoke poured from the chimneys, turning the sky a bland sort of grey. After using his Red to pop the darker locks among the buildings, he'd slunk away. First behind what someone suspected was a warehouse - and Roan suspected they were right - and then into the trees.

There were a few others creeping among the tall shadows, scouting houses farther out. Roan went past them. Roaming farther, higher, which was colder. But the deeper snow cushioned his foot steps, and the branches and leaves froze in a manner that was appealing. None of it would last the trip home, but he'd still have the memories.

The quiet was eerie. And subtle. The leaves didn't tremble in a way he was used to. Water dripped from a lattice work of frozen pillars handing from branches, occasionally dotting his cheek or hair. It made him flinch - colder than cold - but there was the beginnings of a pond teasing him through the trees. Ice working in from its shores in a way he wanted to see.

His probes found nothing alarming. Sleeping or sleepy animals, mostly. Like the town, they tried drowsing the cold away. The screams from below faint enough to not be disturbing. The crackle of power in the air made him edgy, but Roan knew he'd find nothing to test or interest him in the houses or shops. The mountains were a desert.

Roan was sure only trouble came from the cold.

Alarm swept up his spine. Probe swirling against something not quite right. Too late though. A shadow launched itself at him, and Roan was rolling before his thinking brain could catch up with his instinct. Shields forming, craft melting snow. He snarled and grappled, burying fingers in hair, and flesh, his nose in dirty clothing.

Enemy! Attach! His brain screamed, but another part of him, older and darker, kept his craft from melting barriers and webs so much lighter than his own. Not quite. The old dragon in him whispered. The prince of warlords. Not quite.

Corlay Island / Re: Our Bodies Safe to Shore
« on: September 20, 2020, 06:42:09 AM »

Was he too impatient? Roan swept his gaze up from her body to her face. The curve of her cheekbone. Th shadow across her shoulder. Her nails tickled him. The almost sensation-less press of her natural nails, dangerous anyway because she was a black widow. The chilling metal scratch of the decorative nails she wore over them. It made the hair on his neck bristle.

No. She was teasing him. Tormenting him. Roan ate it up. "Good." He told her, too entranced to be clever or sweet. He couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere else. And since Zephyrine was his, she shouldn't be able to either. Couldn't. Wouldn't. Roan's fingers traced the back of her thighs, mouth chasing her body with little nibbles and kisses.

Tormenting him. Always teasing him. Roan hid a smile in her elbow, palms sweeping up her sides. Cupping the shape of her body. Waist. Ribs. Thumbs brushing the outer edges of her breasts. Breasts. "Zephyrine." Roan sang in warning. But there was no danger behind the threat. He just wanted her to know that he knew. Knew she dangled herself above him like a prize on purpose.

So close his spear was sure it could feel the shape of her. Warm folds enveloping him. But her knees were above water. Her body much too dry. Sucking her lower lip, Roan batted his eyelashes at her. Thick and sun bleached at the tips. He felt all over struck by her beauty. And her wickedness. That she was his alone swelled upward in him fiercely. Violently.

Growling, he licked the space between her breasts, fingers curling over her shoulders and pulling her down until his imagination was put away for reality. Heat to heat. "Right there." He rumbled, her earring clattering across his face as he fanned kisses up her neck. His hips jerked, their thrust halted and turned into a measured stroke. Sliding his spear between their bodies.

Roan held her still with a hand at the back of her throat. The other he slid down her spine. Over her sweet ass with a pinch, and then beneath it, fingers seeking to make sure she was ready. That she was pleased.

Corlay Island / Re: Our Bodies Safe to Shore
« on: April 11, 2020, 07:21:58 AM »

"Anything for my love." He tried. Truly Roan did. AS much as he pleased himself, he tried to please Zephyrine as well. To remember the things she might like to see from the mainland. Her tastes familiar to him now, or wants imprinted upon him. He tried. But she loved the things so many others did. Things that slid past his gaze as it was drawn elsewhere.

And he tried other ways too. Like this. Body curling around her. Shoulders swooping in to shadow her as his pressed a hand down her body. Pressed her body to his body. It was like a jolt that woke him. And her. Roan could feel it, even if she pretended she didn't. Her breathing changed, and her muscles grew tight beneath his hand. It made his spear harden harder. Aching as she lounged back against his body. Giving in to him.

Briefly. Oh so too briefly.

Zephyrine laced her fingers with his, until they were body holding her by her throat. It was so delicate. Skin smooth and fragrant. Roan loved it. He didn't hold to hurt her, and Zephyrine did not make him hurt her either. Instead she drew his hand away. And then her body. His distress was a soft sound at the back of his throat. Like a growl. Like a sigh.

Or maybe a whimper.

She left behind the quick fading heat of her body and her scent. And her dress. Roan looked down at the weight over his arm, and up and up and up the naked length of his wife's body. Eyes chasing dips and hollows. Delving into the little shadows that made his pulse beat in his spear rather than his throat.

His mouth was dry.

"I'll do it." Dress vanished, Roan stood up straight, reaching behind his head to claw his shirt up his back and over his head. It was not graceful, or patient. And difficult as he tried not to take his eyes from Zephyrine. All but ripping his shirt over his head because it cut off the sight of her. Fingers nearly pulling the buttons free on his pants. He pulled them off one long leg at a time and tried not to dance as he did so. He was balanced!

Just in a hurry.

Clothes left in a forgotten heap on the floor he practically chased her to the tub. Or was a it a race? Hands grasping and petting as he pulled her in after him. Craft making sure they didn't actually fall backward into the water. But he needed her in his lap. Wet and slippery so he could lick beads of water from her skin.

Corlay Island / Re: Our Bodies Safe to Shore
« on: March 07, 2020, 08:31:29 AM »

This is what made raiding so painful. It had been a chore before he'd found himself suddenly with a wife, but afterward Roan had fought the bit of expectation every step of the way. She was his. His first responsibility and care. When Roan was home in Corlay, only Zephyrine mattered. She consumed him.

And drove him mad. Taunting woman. Her Jewels should have shamed them both, but Zephyrine was so wicked. She turned everything to her purpose. And why did she need dark Jewels when she had his at her disposal? Zephyrine needed nothing but Roan. Wanted nothing but Roan. Warming under his fingers, she lead the way, but kept close so he could touch her.

Pressed closer still when he dragged her tight to him. Roan leaned into her seeking lips, arms circling her body as she reached back to hold him. He flattened his palm to her stomach, fingers spread wide so he could feel the hard mound of her pelvis, and the softness below her navel all at once. "Of course. I would never want to offend my wife with the stink of the mainland." And he always wanted to do what Zephyrine wanted him to.

Roan's other hand traveled up. Cupping and squeezing a breast. Thumb pinching before her slid it higher. Tangling with her necklace as he wrapped his fingers around her throat. Thump tilting her chin up so he could kiss her wicked, wicked lips. Bite at her dangerous tongue. Some warned she would lead him astray, but Roan only laughed. Zephyrine loved him, and he would believe nothing else.

He loved her too. Fingers gathering her skirt upward until he could trap it under his forearm and slide his hand down. Reach under her skirts to the warm place between her thighs. "You'll come in with me, of course?" His spear throbbed, fingers tightening at her throat, eyes drinking in the sight of her upthrust breasts. Roan ground against her.

In the water she would be slick and wet. As slippery as her caste. He'd have to hold her tight to keep her where he wanted her. Needed her.

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