Expecting Expectations



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Expecting Expectations
« on: May 10, 2020, 07:10:48 PM »

Rian felt strange inhabiting Briar's house without him. Even for an afternoon. For a while she sat on the edge of his bed, watching the shadows change across the window. She was quick to give up on waiting patiently, assuming it would take far longer than her patience would last. But she had promised to wait. She just wouldn't do it idly.

Guiltily she rummaged in the cabinet beneath the sink. Finding stuffed in the far corner a rag for cleaning. No bucket, though, so she improvised with a bowl, filling it with hot water and the soap he used to wash his hands. It sat beside the sink without even a dish to hold it. Rian sniffed it, inhaling the scent she'd detected on Briar's body. With a smile, she went about her work, scrubbing down any surface she could reach.

It was neither a large nor dirty house so it didn't take long enough. Briar still wasn't back by the time she finished. Triple washing the bowl, she returned everything to its place and settled in to wait again. Too nervous to go outside and mingle with the people he lived next door to. Listless, Rian curled up in the center of his bed, fingering the worn blanket and breathing in the scent of him that lingered in fabric.

Just Briar and no one else. It made her heart feel fierce. And happy, a smile curling her lips as she drifted off to sleep. Half slumbering and barely dreaming until a Red thread woke her. Sitting up with a start, Rian oriented herself in the room and then grabbed at the thread with her Opal. Briar! Quick to agree, she darted out the front door, rushing back to it to seal the lock with a bit of craft.

Tali wouldn't like her walking alone back to the inn. But she had a solution for that. Wings catching the first stiff breeze outside the village and launching her skyward. If she met Briar on the road her brother never need know she'd gone anywhere unaccompanied. And they could enjoy at least a little bit of the walk together.

"Briar!" Easy to spot coming up the southern road. Rian landed at a fork in the road with a stumble; hair a tangled mess around her face and shoulders she had to fight free of. "Where did you end up?" She asked, joining him in the middle of the dirt packed lane. Hands sliding into his.


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Re: Expecting Expectations
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 11:31:59 PM »
Silken hair and warm skin that always smelled faintly of clean linen. Lips softer than rose petals and sweeter than fresh apple pie. Hips that fit perfectly in his cupped palms. Briar focused hard on where he was going, forcing his wings to give him enough lift to clear treetops. To take him home. Not to the cabin that held his things or the eyrie that held his preferred queen. Not even to the inn that was now a landmark on his life. He focused on Rian, and all of the tangible, tactile parts of her that were his to enjoy. Let the soreness of neglected wing muscles spur him on faster instead of drag him down slower.

Until he felt her along the circle of his probes. He dropped from the sky first. Glad for the small mercy of distance to mask how ungraceful the landing was. Gate uneven as he struggled to go from flying to walking. ”Rian,” He smiled at her matched urgency. The bitter old wound of rejection seaming shut a little tighter at the way she rushed over. Long weaver’s fingers covering her knuckles as their hands joined. ”the only place that matters. Right back here with you.” He teased with a lopsided grin.

She still smelled like his house. A tickle worked up his chest, turning his smirk into a real smile. Sweeping in for a quick kiss he tossed a look back at where he had come from. ”It was the strangest thing. I’ll tell you all about it on the walk.” He dropped one hand to hold the other tighter. Tucked their clasped fingers to the center of his stomach and pet her arm with his free hand through the whole story. Thumb stroking her elbow as he described the roaring anxiety of being back in the Keep. With Eremiar no less. He left out the gory details of the wounded room, and struggled to describe the rift in the air that had pulled them in. He finished with the best bit- at least it was best to him since he was still highly amused. ”And then, as if it wasn’t all wild enough, Eremiar decides she’s his queen. So who knows what they’re off doing now.”

Briar wished he didn’t care at all. He was ready to shed the day off and wear nothing but the smell of Rian for the night. If she would let him. Tongue tracing his lower lip he realized he had dominated the conversation for too long. They had, had their plans ruined and instead of making it up to her he was rambling. ”I’m sorry I had to leave. We were going to have the whole day together.” He wasn’t really sure how a man went about making things up to a woman and his usual sources of answers wouldn’t be much help this time. Eremiar wouldn’t care even if he did know, and Tali would likely set him in the wrong direction just to be a pain.
Slowing the pace down to a slow walk Briar wrapped his arm around her waist. One wing lifting to cast shade over them. ”I said I’d make it up to you. Want me to cook breakfast again?”


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Re: Expecting Expectations
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2020, 07:08:59 AM »

"That's not what I meant." She complained, hiding the heat that suffused her face in the warmth of his chest. Her stomach knotted and fluttered all at once. Those were the sorts of words a girl wanted to hear. The kind of things Rian wanted to hear, from Briar especially. But they frightened her too. Giving her joy a strange twang of anxiety she didn't understand.

She surfaced in time to catch his kiss. It was easy to feel it coming this close to him. Rian wished his lips would linger longer, but it was a sweet, passing bit of affection before she was tucked in close. Bodies tangling as they walked. She wondered if she wore the scent of sweat as well as he did. It added richness to the flavor of his castes. "Yes, do." She urged, falling in to step with him.

Rian's hand flexed in his. Thumb stroking the knuckle of his finger soothingly, her wings refolded themselves down her back. These were not words he'd speak to just anyone, she knew. But Rian had tasted the Keep in his psyche. Had seen some of what made his gut roil when imagining the place. "I can't believe you'd go back at all." She murmured in praise. It had taken courage. And a lot of it.

She didn't ask many questions. Afraid to break the flow of the tale. With less idea than Briar how to put it to words. Unable to imagine or understand what he tried so hard to explain. Her nose wrinkled, head bumping against his shoulder. How did such things  happen? Portals that rent the fabric of the world. Musings not meant for minds like her own.

The rest was no easier to understand. Harder, maybe, because it seemed less likely. "His, His?" Rian asked in disbelief, shaking her head and looking away. Maybe this queen would keep Eremiar far away and distracted. But that was unfair. Briar had some attachment to the lunatic. "It that a thing you can decide?" The question put to Briar through a screen of dark hair that had tumbled forward from her shoulder.

Would it be something he would choose one day? Would Briar too go opposite ways from those he was with accompany her? No time to worry it into a dread, he distracted her with a change of topic. Arm sliding around her waist and wing rising to give them shade. "It's alright. These things happen, apparently." Rian leaned into him. This was new territory for both of them. She'd never had more than passing affairs, and Briar had never mentioned anything resembling a relationship.

"Breakfast was ages ago," Rian teased coyly, voice soft as she tipped her face against his shoulder to look up at him. Her hand settled over the one on her waist. Fingertips following the channels between his fingers. Would he want to stay the night? Her body sang excitement and nervousness. There was so much left unfinished between. So many sudden stops and starts she couldn't imagine the actual fulfillment of the desire that drew their bodies together.

She felt shy and greedy all at once.

"I'm sure there's an extra room we can squeeze you in." She continued with the teasing to help settled herself. Rian pressed a hard kiss to his shoulder and tugged him a little faster down the road.


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