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She hummed as she walked. She seemed to do a lot of that lately. Humming and walking. Since the day the world was destroyed by fire on wings she did so much of it. Since the day she was broken and remade. She tried to remember where they had gone, brow furrowed as she sought the place name she knew she had. It wasn't often, now, that she forgot things. Lost in the fog that had been her mind for weeks, Emeline forgot things. But now she was better, less broken and less shattered, mind grasping words and worlds more easily.


That's where she was. Home of the winged people. It was a triumph to remember and her smile was bright with pride with it. It was good when the links in her mind came together. She missed home. Missed what she had been but she was learning to be who she was now. Someone different. More and less. She didn't know but Rhett and Patience accepted her. She thought so anyway. Maybe they didn't, her mind didn't want to think of that. She didn't want to think of what the implications could be. Emeline wouldn't think of how it would be if those she loved did not love her.

Puffs of dust lifting with her steps, body shivered just a little and she tugged her cloak closer to her body. It was winter she realized. The air frosty and chilled. She should have worn something different. Too late now, it would be foolish to go back just to grab more clothing so she didn't shiver in the air. She would be fine. Ears picked up the sounds of footsteps behind her. Her own moved just a little faster. She reached for her green, the instinct to grab at the Darkness that had always been there.

Her psyche hit nothingness and Emeline's body shuddered as her feet came to a stop. Nothingness met her. Foolishness whispered horribly at her. And she forgot there was a person coming up behind her, stopped in the middle of her walk unable to move for the Nothingness that met her.