Wings of Fire
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She strolled. Not far and it wouldn't be for long. She'd learned her lesson about straying from civilization and hard. It had been several months since that fateful day. When she nearly died for the stupidity of her mouth. She'd learned how to keep that acid tongue behind her teeth and she still bore the fear that he would come back and finish his threat. Any hint of his presence and Meridian would be gone. Gone faster and quicker than Talimar could think. Meridian wouldn't even give her boss the chance to convince her to stay. Gone she'd be.

Wings tucked tight against her back, Meridian's mind was lost in thought for a few more moments before shaking it to loosen it. She needed to get supplies for the inn, something new to cook for dinner. She'd have to tell Rian she wanted to add a special to the menu and her lips curved into a rare smile. She liked Talimar's feisty sister, she was fun to be around and it was especially true when she was giving her brother sass. The man needed to be given sass more than not and Meridian would be lying if she said it wasn't hilarious.

She glared at the woman who whispered behind her hand to the friend next to her and Meridian knew full well what she was whispering about. She'd had to run away when Rian's friend - Lover? Who knew - showed at the inn full of Rut and need. Gone with Talimar to safety and rumors had flown hither and yon about Meridian and her boss. She wasn't the type to sleep with her employer but no one would believe her. The gossipy old hens huffed at her and Meridian turned her nose up as she stomped passed.

Stomped her way right into the market and into a body standing in front of her. "Damn Darkness take it!" she hissed as her nose smarted and her hand flew to the pain to check for blood.