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It was strange country. Grass just starting to thrive. Some of still summer gold, crisp at the edges, the center stock growing green again. It did not really matter though, the quality of the grass. Atticus had no goats or sheep to graze on it. He had turned most of them loose on the mountain side with a quick prayer for their lives.

What he had now, was a burro. And a queen. And one nanny goat to make milk for Chloe. Chloe strapped to his chest as she had been nearly since birth. Sleeping when she was not fussing for milk. No house. No graveside. Hands worrying the lead rope smooth and patting Chloe’s bottom until she settled. Mouth trying to talk to the queen but almost always failing.

He had found her again on the other side of the dark gate Emory had made for them all. Dirty and doing work. It had not surprised him at all. Except she was mostly alone. Well, that did not surprise him either. She had arrived that way. So he took to shadowing her. Comforted in the protection he offered. And the nearness. Not ready to face the new reality quite yet. Or to try and start over.

”Will your people be worried?” He asked her one evening. Wood becoming a straight shaft in his hands. Chloe slept in a reed basket between them. ”Expecting you one place, but finding you in another?” If they found her at all. No way to know where to look. Whispers having it that Dena Nehele was closed borders now. No way to go back. To get back what they had lost. He thought of the flat stone that marked Florence’s grave.

How would he talk to her now? Sighing, Atticus dropped his arms on his knees and looked at Ripley. Her people had to be out of their minds with worry. He felt guilty for keeping her for himself. Or having her. Atticus knew better than to try and keep a woman.

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Re: Wanderlost
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Right over head. So close the wind had knocked her over, right into Boris’ sturdy shanks. Donkey shivering but refusing to bolt as Ripley stared in horror and awe. A dragon! In her lifetime! Never, in her wildest dreams could she have imagined such a sight. Oh wouldn't Nyree be hissing mad she missed it! At one point Ripley fancied its great glittering red eye had looked right down on her, but that might have been adrenaline. Everything had been a blur once the Dark Gate opened.

Bodies rushing through, and Ripley’s Rose quickly drained in stabilizing the injured. Until the Eyriens flew in. Like great dark hero’s on black wings with their craft whizzing around. Real healers, with experience tending people wounds. Which left Ripley to move on to work more suited to her interests. Soothing the people, and finding beds for the animals. Making sure they had water and their hurts were tended. She didn’t blame the people for seeing to people first. That was natural. And she was thankful for the work no one else wanted to do in the midst of so much chaos.

She didn’t know how long Atticus and Chloe had been there. They just were. Gentle voice turning her from a horses burned flank because she’d finally wrung the last drops from her Yellow. Afterwards he stayed. Mostly silent, in that not quite shy but very awkward way she found so endearing. Hours turning to days as reality settled heavily on all of their shoulders. And a whole lot of hearts too.

There was no real connection to the land lost for Ripley. She had been a visitor, albeit an extended one. Still, she felt the shock and sadness around her acutely. Turning her to a fount of kind words and soft touches. Especially for her sturdy shadow. Poor boyo. To lose so much and then have nearly everything else stripped away. But it wasn’t his own misfortune he spoke to her of today as she cleaned the burs and grass from a basket of wool. Sitting in the cool evening grass with a tiny translucent spider creeping up her knee and a dormouse in her blouse pocket. Skirts drawn up into a pool between her thighs. ”Oh, they always worry. That’s just what you do when you care about someone.” She said with a grin.

There was a pain in his sigh that made her heart ache. Tender craft on her hand as she reached over Chloe’s bed of reeds to pat his knee. ”If my brothers haven’t learned not to set expectations about where to find me, yet, that’s their own foolishness. They’ll find me, when they’re ready. They know how to follow our bond.” Teige would, at least, bound to her more securely than most because they had shared a womb once. She had plucked the strings of their connection a lot in recent days. Knowing they would hear the news and jump headlong into that dragon’s maw if they thought she’d been swallowed. So she made sure they knew she was alive, whole, and unhurt. Without encouraging them to find her any quicker.

”How are you feeling about all this, Atticus?” She asked, in a different tone of voice. Flippancy and laughter all tucked away. They were not good friends- yet. All things in time. So she didn’t have expectations. But she did want to be there. He was a good sort. A very good sort. Not many men could lay across from a queen in a tent the size of theirs and not stick a hand out to feel a tit or bum. Grief, maybe, stayed him but Ripley reckoned it was his personality more than anything.

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Re: Wanderlost
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There wasn’t quite smiling in return to her grin. A slight twitch of the lips that could have been either consternation or amusement, but the bob of his head was certainly agreement. ”Some give more reason than others.” He rolled a thin curl of wood between his fingers before casting it aside, careful to make sure it did not end up in the basket with Chloe. Not that it could. A faint shield kept the dust and dandelions from blowing in on his daughter. Or any of Ripley’s little friends from creeping in.

His knee was hollow beneath her patting. Like his bones were drums and his joints the sticks to beat them with. He could feel her craft uncurling the tension in his toes and appreciated it, though Atticus thought she should save it for more pressing matters. ”Is it like a map, or a tether?” He wondered out loud. Between them Chloe snuffled, fists waving beneath the blanket he had swaddled her in. Soon, he worried, she would be big enough to work herself free.

”I don’t think I am.” He admitted after a moment’s hesitation. Atticus pondered her question and his own state of emotional well being. He felt like his bones. Hollow, but without the rhythm. Yes. He had put everything very much away, and thinking about thinking of them stirred emotion he was not ready to face, so he stopped. His fingers checked the shaft for irregularities as he settled deeper into his seat.

”I will decide later, when things are less precarious.” Just then there was enough upheaval in the world. He could not add his emotional state to it. He had Chloe and Ripley to keep safe, even if both of them seemed wholly unaware of his doing so. Chloe knew little of the world’s dangers yet, so he could forgive her. He fretted more about the queen who seemed ready to fall head first into pandemonium. ”Lady,” Atticus pointed out, eyes turned down to her blouse. ”There is a mouse in your pocket.”


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