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Title: Event: The Wings of Change
Post by: The Darkness on August 23, 2019, 05:27:50 PM

A hundred years since Witch’s terror had reigned over the territories. Yet the walls of the Keep were still stained with her scent. Treasures adorned the dresser where her clothes were neatly folded. Her favorite house shoes still rested beside the armchair in her private parlor. Things that could make a man rich if he had the balls to take them down from the ebon tower. They did not come for those riches and artifacts, however. Wings held tight to their tattooed backs and heads painted for war they came to watch the whole place burn.

‘Never again’ had become a rallying cry to lead the Eyriens to freedom. A thing that men and women screamed at one another as a new balance of rule rooted in the territory. Now the men whispered it as they roamed Ebon Rih in search of a way to see it fall. From the very bowels in the dank dark dungeons, to the very top. Every brick examined by a small party of dissenters. They knew best, they were sure. It had to be done. Let the next Witch build a new monument to her power. Somewhere far, far away.

It took hours to decide where the weakest point was. None among them were architects or engineers. Only old war hounds and young visionaries. Men that thought what they were doing was for the greater good. Perhaps that would ease the pain they felt as their skin was ripped from their bones. The ritual in which they stacked their power to fell the ancient walls collapsing them into wet muck on the stone floors. The Keep was designed by minds greater than time itself. Even when the attack came from inside, it had defenses. Their combined Craft knocked flat a few interior rooms. But turned on them, compounded with a millennia of absorbed energy as it was funnelled back.

Before it exploded into a thousand shards. More walls fell, leaving the entire main floor decimated. Every window blasted outward into the night sky. A low roar echoed over Askavi, waking the world with nightmares of dragons. They were safe, though, by far and large. Most blissfully unaware of the change in the very fabric of their world as the Winds popped with energy. The tear left by Witch renewed tenfold this new cataclysm. All the shards that had once been nearly a dozen men shot through the threads of reality. Across both realms the Winds shook and became unreachable. Every. Single. One. Even the darkest of the dark.

And by morning they would come. The ripples, people would call them. Bursts of energy that shot free of the Winds they had been trapped on. Falling on the unsuspecting with a variety of results. The luckiest were simply injured. Many would die. People were tossed across realms. Stranded on foot. It was an unprecedented event. One that would leave a lasting mark on a world still licking its wounds.

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