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Title: Rilindisil, Aendaciana
Post by: Aendaciana Rilindisil on April 11, 2021, 08:53:49 AM
Aendaciana Rilindisil-Tobiassen

The Basics

Full Name: Aendaciana Brigitta Rilindisil-Tobiassen
Age: 94 as of AW104
Gender/Pronouns: Female | She

Ethnicity: Dea al Mon and Nissi | Mixed Race
Birthplace: Regn, Raej
Current Location: Hjerte, Raej

Caste: Priestess Queen
Birthright Jewel: Purple Dusk (CUT 50)
Offering Jewel: Green (CUT 25)

Face Claim: Thando Hopa

The Body

Height: 5'7"
Body Type: Medium Curvy/Lithe as suits mixed blood.
Hair Color: Platinum
Eye Color: Icey Blue

Appearance: Aendaciana is exceedingly fair-skinned to the point of essentially lacking pigment. Her delicately coiled and curled hair is often worn in a carefully controlled bun, and she does her best to conceal the almost moonlight hued horn upon her forehead, which is somewhat shorter in every form due to her mixed bloodline. Her ears are delicately pointed, as are her teeth, but those are not so delicate. She often dresses in many layers of nearly gossamer fabric of pastel or jewel-toned colours. Lady Aendaciana wears gloves everywhere she goes. Her attire rigidly covers extremely sensitive skin due to the complications that go with her health and the considerable sensitivity resulting from being born Queen and Priestess.

The Priestess Queen is not fond of crowds and is as achingly shy as she is precisely ferocious, which lends her time to process how others think and act much more carefully. Her Nissi shape is elegant and lean, her mane and tail silvery. She possesses a paler 'star' in the centre of her forehead and is a little smaller than a proper twelve hands.

The Mind

Craft Strengths: 15pts

Queen’s Gift
Calming Touch
Spell Weaving
Craft Weaknesses: Combat Spells, Psychic Masking, Compulsion Spells.

Personal Strengths: Kindness | Loyalty | Graciousness | Curiosity

Personal Weaknesses: Mercurial | Melancholy | Secretive | Struggles to Ask for Aid

Personality: Care for land and spirit appear to be as warmly enfolded around Aendaciana as sunlight belongs upon tree leaves, and there is no clear demarcation in her psychic presence of where the Queen of her ends and the Priestess begins, signalling she was born to both Castes. She possesses the innate responsiveness of a woman attuned to the Blood's emotional needs and the keen senses that call for the land requiring special attention. The Priestess in her immediately notes the ache of a person in want of communion with the Darkness, so both of these particular traits have honed Aendaciana's personality in a specific manner whether or not she might have preferred another life at all.

Some might be ambitious as a result; Aendaciana is an example of the exact opposite of one seeking power or control, which is apparent in how she moves, and graceful, considerate pauses in thought when queried. As one that is somewhat certainly outside of the normal, even for the very mixed blooded tendencies of Raejan people, she does her very best to hide her Nissi otherness, even if that is not always a success. As Nissi, when she has the time, Aendaciana loves to run through the shaded forest, and the Dea al Mon part of her is even a further testament to her need to be among the trees.

Simultaneously, observation of people is a known delight, as is easing the simplest need. If she can bring forth a smile whether or not credit has been given, Aendaciana has always felt the reward to the depth of her seemingly boundless heart. The lady has an adoration for dance and song but does not like to be seen in doing so, while Witch's warning spectre of memory is never too far, as is the truth of what Witch ought to have been. Aendaciana fits neatly into Raejan culture in the manner that she is particularly devout to Mother Night in a manner that is refreshingly unforced and warm. The lady seems to have a clear calling to her Castes, rather than merely being born to the power; she revels in calming, easing, and offering a blessing without expecting a calculated or cunning return as some might. There's a sadness in her eyes, however, and something of the mercurial presence about her that seems to require being soothed or protected.

The Backstory

  • Isilan Rilindisil | Father | Tiger Eye to Summer-sky Prince (deceased)
  • Brigitta Rasofiel-Tobiassen | Mother | Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Healer
  • Adrian Rilindisil-Tobiassen | Full Twin Brother | Jewel to Jewel Prince*
  • Larsek Rilindisil-Tobiassen | Maternal Brother | Jewel to Jewel Warlord*
*Adoptable w/ plot/family roll


Aendaciana's life is an example of the consequences of Witch's long reign. While she was born into Raej a few years after Witch's death, the stories and surroundings of that lady, either for good or ill, were a prominent part of her tutelage. Aendaciana's father had left Dea al Mon at a point where he never expected not to be able to return. Prince Isilan Rilindisil is the fourth son and youngest of eight of a village Queen in Polod Province, Dea al Mon. In addition to the Rilindisil family being one proud to dedicate its service to the Black and Red Guards, they have long been artisans of the finest leather accoutrements for the kindred horses or near kindred that Polod is known for. Prince Isilan, named for a great grand uncle who perished in battle, had an unparalleled trading skill. Because of this, he was often on a mission to go through the Dark Gate for the best, most beautiful materials if they could not already be found at home in Dea al Mon. His father and father's father were the same, while the Rilindisil family is known for Queen or Priestess Casted women's tendency.

Before Witch, more than six centuries before, the family were prosperous beyond measure, and their goods at least commonly caused one member or two of the family to travel through one of the gates to Terreille. As a youth, Aendaciana grew up hearing about this from her father. Prince Rilindisil was relieved and appreciative of the hospitality in Raej that he and his small trading party had not been among the number of those killed during the complicated conflict by the Dhemlanese, that he'd chosen to stay in Raej after falling impossibly in love enough with Lady Brigitta. She was a Nissi Healer who had been widowed not long before their meeting and left with an infant son to raise due to the conflict. After the Winds and Gates became unreliable with the backlash of Witch's death, Aendaciana's father no longer had the choice to return home safely. He dedicated himself to the same kind of work as a trader, and after a few years, Brigitta ended up pregnant with twins just a few weeks after Lykkelig Vidd in AW9.

It became more important then for Prince Isilan to describe every possible nuance of being Dea al Mon to his children and to make this not seem either less or more than being Nissi. Due to his familiarity and deep respect for kindred and near-kindred, Brigitta being Nissi only endeared her more rather than less. As a result, clear, beautiful stories about being Dea al Mon led to a deeper appreciation for her mother's differences. Before receiving Jewels, as there are more years between infancy and Birthright for Raejans, the knowledge that one of their twin children needed particular attending to ensure stability never frustrated Aendaciana's parents due to the sheer blessing that they existed at all. Considerable violence was the cause of this form of Witch, so the pair took extra care in assuring themselves that their daughter wouldn't grow up to be a spoiled rotten little terror.

By the time Aendaciana and her twin brother, Adrian, were ready for their Birthright Ceremonies just after the 11th birthday, her parents had fully explained through direct tutelage, positive examples and firm lessons why her dual nature and peculiar ferocity were important to be attended to appropriately. Having a Prince and a Warlord as sons led to an easier way of showing and not just telling their Priestess Queen daughter how to honour both herself and the place of a male in Blood society. Paring with the tenderness from having a Healer as a mother never allowed the Priestess Queen to feel puzzled at her nature. It was a beacon of brightness in an otherwise often politically calculating society.

Youth and the amount of time Aendaciana needed to learn to fulfill her Castes allowed the young woman an almost idyllic life being tutored alongside various other children. Her tendency to burrow herself either in a book or the need to be close to the land allowed Aendaciana to escape the tension of being a Queen on the edge of adulthood. During this time, when not at Protocol or other Craft lessons, the lady learns to hone her skill in making items that temporarily ease emotional or spiritual distress by impressing her Caste Craft upon them. Once old enough not to feel any embarrassment at how different she seems, learning with several village Queens is added to Aendaciana's routine.

As such, the greater Raejan politics at play beyond attending to the improvement of physical land remained, for the most part, an abstract subject, and individual people encountered were those to be enjoyed or learned from. Ensuring crops regularly grew, while riches found in the earth without damaging the land were of particular focus. Aendaciana had enough tasks around Regn keeping her busy that the decades passed with graceful ease, the only exception being the extra care taken with her skin and emotions. During Aendaciana's lifetime, Raej has only had a single ruler. This is quite unlike the stories her mother, other Queens, and tutors had taught about the past when Witch was alive. Her parent's decision made together to move the family to the modern city of Hjerte in AW64 when she and her twin were 54 years old, and their half brother just a year older.

The differences are startling between village life and a thriving metropolitan city. Initially, Aendaciana does not take well to people's vastness than the forest surrounded hamlets she's accustomed to, where her brothers thrive. It is the unexpected kindness of people after the depths of depression and homesickness that revives. To some extent, neighbours drawn to her presence revives the Priestess Queen into active socialisation. Aendaciana is very much a rare wild rose with her Purple Dusk Birthright who has escaped being bitter or especially sharp tempered beyond the differences between her and a lighter Jewelled Queen. Still, Aendaciana takes well to being tutored by the Queens in Krydder as her father's trade influence paired with the reliability of her mother's Healing offer an almost middling wealthy household by AW74. After another decade has passed, the Priestess Queen has learned to hide blade-sharp pointed ears, she fits right in most, but those that know Aendaciana has to be something other start the rumour mill to grinding.

Her family presence has come to the notice of the White Web, as does anything or anyone that could potentially be useful. However, Aendaciana, in her still somewhat youth, is completely oblivious, as one could expect. Time continues to mark itself in her additional learning, her brothers growing into themselves. Being partly of Dea al Mon has by another decade in Hjerte become an open secret for the family, something they do not advertise as it is like most things; information. This hardening or citifying of personality seems to entirely skip over the Priestess Queen save for the alterations in learning how to better attire herself and speak. Aendaciana warmly retains the sweetness of nature that she had even as a child and youth in her village experience until the strange and repeated accidents that befall her parents the year before she and her brother are ready for their Offering. Seven times over AW85, investments fail, shipments are lost, and her parents are on the edge of some danger in their respective professions with no clear explanation as to why.

The Priestess Queen's parents shrug off a response in front of their children. Still, Aendaciana overheard a conversation from her parents late one night. It is suggested that her father has angered someone or several someones in his refusal to accept what he thought to be too early of interest in her. This is the first time that Aendaciana understands personally that some people among the Blood do intend toward harm. Fortunately, Prince Rilindisil chose to report the issue after some time had passed so that appearances are maintained that justice seems to be done, but not so much that the culprit can actually be found. Not long afterwards, she partook of a careful tutelage in sexual exploration and confirmed an earlier realisation that she prefers all sexualities and genders. It is a Black Widow lady who attends her Virgin Night with success at her request, but the pair part ways shortly thereafter, with Aendaciana still in a delightful dreamy haze.

In AW86, Aendaciana and her brother have their Offering, which changes her life in a dramatic form. The Purple Dusk is a powerful Jewel in its own right, even if not considered Dark, but after a night and a day in communing with the Darkness, the Priestess Queen comes back with a Green Jewel, which is quite a bit more than she expected or even wanted. In fact, much of her prayers during the process were for little more than a slightly Darker Purple Dusk or even an Opal. It seems humility gained her more than that, or so she assumed. From that triumph, the Priestess Queen's father finally seems to cross the wrong trader in AW89, and is forced into a duel with a Darker Jewelled Prince bearing an Uncut Green over a perceived profit loss. Though Prince Isilan gives a truly spectacular showing considering he wore the Summer Sky, he eventually dies from his wounds. Only his stories, his family ring, and his children are left of him with his death. Aendaciana's mother pays her once husband's debts with the fortune they are left; the judgemental Prince turned out to be wrong about his accusation. Prince Isilan was innocent, but there is no crime here despite the pain of loss.

The adjustment of an adult Jewel, the agony of losing a well-loved parent, and the physical and slowly learned maturity shifts her slightly toward a more mercurial temper, but not an unmanageable difficulty. Five years later, in AW91, Aendaciana meets a poetic Prince named Kjerten Mikhail. He is part of the Horned Guard, and his learned, experienced nature being a full century her elder with which she has her first romance. She falls harder than a bag of stones for Prince Mikhail, her first intimate experience with a male. He does not bond with her, but this turns out to be a blessing when he dies some seven years later in mysterious circumstances outside of Raej, in AW98. This further grief pushed her deeper into learning for a few more years, as the other option was to withdraw into herself. By AW101, learning with the Queen of Hjerte and others, Aendaciana knew was not a healthy or wise option. Where life plans will lead next as her heart has healed is a grand question, as a Queen is meant to rule and serve her people.

The Writer

Player Name: Cerebearstare (Will answer to any diminuitive)
Player Pronouns: They/She
Timezone:GMT -8
Contact: Site PM and Discord.

Inactivity Instructions: Archive/Retire preferred, Adoptable with plotting contact, please do not kill.

Roleplay Sample: As usual, Aendaciana's hair was in a restricted bun. It had begun to grow back, the coiled pale lengths. She ran rose-hued gloved hands over her braids and through them. Soft. The feeling gave her a gentle shiver which was a struggle to suppress physically. She'd cut the hair after her father was killed, and then her lover as well, in short years later. Though the truth was, any number of years would have been painful. The night sky was dark, while the scattering of stars from where she stood on the balcony outside her room was a moon kissed film over boundless ink. When unbraided, the pale curls fell once more to just above her waist when wet, like coiled silk. It had been like her father's hair. She flicked her fingers at the matching rose silk gown; it hadn't been her choice. She checked to see that her thick curls covered her sharp, pointed ear tips.

The thought vastly tested Aendaciana's remaining grief. Had it healed enough? She knew it could have been worse, like the death of a bonded. So the Priestess Queen whispered a soft prayer of thanks.

Perhaps now, it was all akin to a tender wound akin to the ones her mother attended to in the flesh and the emotions Aendaciana was now skilled at soothing in others as a Queen. Now with the experience of her own loss, she understood which words and phrases sounded trite and awful when receiving them, where privacy was a needed thing before speaking. Subtle wishes. She considered her pocket timepiece. Five minutes. Mother would expect her to return to the next portion of dinner, especially with guests, and she would be required to comply. It wouldn't be kind or gracious for a Priestess Queen to leave a guest without her presence. Sometimes, there was just something missing, and Aendaciana couldn't put her best hypothesis as to what.

Bright yet pale blue eyes tracked the sky without expectation, full of inquisitiveness. Some solar body movement, three of them--some called them shooting stars--pulled a gasp and a sharp, brilliant smile forth, dimples curling around pale, painted full lips.

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The Darkness has granted you...
Purple Dusk
Cut 50
Cut 25

As requested, FOUR family rolls:
1: Summer-sky to Opal
2: Rose to Opal
3: Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk
4: Tiger Eye to Summer-sky
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