Secrets in the Garden
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Bellis had thought things couldn't get worse than The Burning, losing the majority of her family and her home in one fell swoop.  But she had been wrong. Even tucked away in their new home, safe within the walled gardens of the Province Queen, Bellis could sense the fighting and bloodshed through the land. She had wrapped as many sight shields around herself and Aster as she could during that time, just in case the fighting spread. Thankfully the fighting had not reached Roeselare, but Bellis could feel the sadness and grief that the Territory Queen's death had caused. Aster could feel it too, and since she was so much younger, and lacked the control that Bellis had, it was making it harder to calm her than usual.

"Is sad....Aster needs to make better." her little sister tried for worm herself away from Bellis for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Bellis sighed softly and pulled Aster back so that the little girl was sitting in front of her again, continuing to braid small flower into Aster's long copper colored hair.  If this kept up, she was going to have to use craft to make her sister stay hidden within the thicket they had made into their home. "I know Aster, but we have to leave The Lady to her court. It's their job to look after her. You don't want to have to leave the garden, do you?"

Bellis couldn't see it since she was behind her sister, but she could tell Aster was pouting, her cherubim round cheeks puffed out while her face scrunched up in annoyance. Aster didn't give her an answer, not that she expected her to. Her little sister had always been stubborn, but since they had run from the fire that had destroyed their home, she had become even more so; always wanting to run off and play with The Opal Lady. Aster said it would make The Lady happy and feel better. As a Healer Queen, Aster would be more attuned to that sort of thing, even at such a young age. Even though Bellis understood and sympathized with her sister, she still couldn't allow the young girl to run around and get caught. They had already lost one home, Bellis didn't want them to lose another.

There was a sudden shifting of power within the garden, and both girls turned their attention to it. The Opal Lady had entered the garden. Aster gave a soft squeal and shot forward, too fast for Bellis to catch her. Bellis dashed out of their shared thicket and ran after her sister, fear clouding her judgment. She'd realize later that she should have cloaked both Aster and herself in sight shields as soon as her sister had made a run for it. As it was, Bellis felt angry hands grabbing at her as she yelled after her sister. Rationally she understood. The guards were protecting their Queen, especially after what had happened in the capital. But with her sister's life possibly in danger, Bellis wasn't thinking rationally. She headbutted one of the guards, the small nubs on her head digging into his ribs. He gave a small cry and his grip loosened enough for her to get free.

Instantly she threw a sight shield around herself and quickly ran in the direction her sister had taken off. When she found Aster, she pulled up short, letting the sight shield fall. There was her sister, innocently placing her hands on the chest of The Opal Lady, her tongue sticking out in concentration.

"Feel better." came the sound of her sister's voice as she moved her small hands to the Queen's cheeks and pressed them there gently.