Re: Take Flight
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"I'm sure we could find something to rent." There was a glint in his smile that expanded the sentence without words. Or take. Elia wasn't above a bit if property poaching in order to spend a long cold night with one, or both, of his women. And the cold of Glacia was just the right place. It was cold, so they would have to stay close, wouldn't they? Elia certainly thought so.

"Very funny." It wasn't funny at all. Elia canted Mori a look, arm taking hers again. Saucy vixen. Sometimes he wanted to lock her in a room and keep her there for her own good. And his. But he knew it was futile. And a road that would quickly lead him to just where he didn't want to be. Bereft. Because Mori wasn't the sort of witch to stand for such nonsense. Damn independent streak.

"Should I?" Elia pulled a door open and all but stuffed her inside the eatery. THe smell of warm food and rich drink surrounding them. Good. He was hungry. Always hungry when certain people were about. He'd feed her and feel a little better for all the time spent apart when he couldn't. "I don't know if I should." He grinned, bristling only a little when someone came to seat them.

"Are you sure? Maybe you have forgotten, or didn't notice." Stalked them to the table, dismissing one and pointing to a booth. He wanted to crowd her. Feed her himself, maybe. No tables between them, or gaps between one seat and the next. They'd been too long apart for proper tables. "That one." Tucked into the corner. Private. Safe. Good.