Event: Rivers of Ruin
« on: October 20, 2019, 10:54:56 AM »

It came from Glacia. So much trouble seemed to descend from their frozen neighbors. Irisviel remembered well the warlord lounging against her desk. The warlord prince who had danced at her ball. The trade agreements that sat like accusations on her desk. Fraying peace and splintered trust.

The rumors from Dendrabelle of a possible traitor in their midst. A queen's heart lead astray. Duty as fragile as the small saplings sprouting from the ground.

All sundered now. It was like avoid. Power sucked into the sky, drawn into the Darkness and vanished. It felt the like the very Winds had been ripped from them like fabric from a seam. In its absence rushed the rumble. Earth like trust, splintered. Fracturing. A crack that raced down from the mountains and across the newly growing orchards.

A chasm that drained their largest river; sinking it into the ground where none could see it. It bisected cities and swallowed towns. Rosenheim's largest temple was swept out into the sea. Its walls pulled down in pieces and tossed into the channel between Little Terreille and Sceval. For a brief moment a bridge of stepping stones existed between the two territories before the polished walls sank into the sea.

And not even her Grey could stop it, though Irisviel tried. Her power washing away with the tide.