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Wanted Ads Archive / Raissa's Wanted Ads!
« on: June 05, 2019, 08:01:18 PM »
These wanted ads are for Lirielle Pond, in Imola District, Shahllene, Little Terreille, Kaeleer. CW: rape; The character’s plot includes the recent traumatic breaking of the Queen’s Offering jewel due to a WP in rut. The plot associated with her has only just begun (as of June 5, 2019) and involves a traumatized Queen with a recently broken Offering with a guilt-ridden, distraught Court willing to let her get away with more than they should out of compassion/pity/guilt, etc. At first, her need to have them close seems normal, but after time… will she be able to let them off the leash? There needs to be some sort of reason to keep them there when she starts going off the rails at first. Though genders are specified, there’s some leeway, especially for non-binary characters. Lirielle is approved and in play, and Mihail, her Master of the Guard has been created by Bismark. Mihail’s sisters are Liri’s Seer (wanted!) and Healer (also wanted!).

P.S. All of this is just beginning, and the court is functioning fine -- for the moment. It's a secret to outsiders that she's been broken.

Any of these characters can also have ties to Raissa’s character Tobias Marasfield (an enforcer of the Maras crime family with a bit of a reputation for being a charming flirt as well as someone brutal enough to do anything for the sake of his family) and to Bismark’s characters Irja Bucksbrook (the Hearth Witch owner of the Red Star, a red moon house known for more unique workers) and others coming shortly after. Her Court Healer and Seer are Mihail Briarwood’s siblings, but any other characters can work out associations with him.

First Escort
to Lirielle Pond

Imola District, Shahllene, Little Terreille, Kaeleer

General Information:
CW: rape; The First Escort of Imola District has been friends with Lirielle Pond since childhood. He used to help protect her against the world because she’s been a bit naive. He’s around her age (24), and this is his first time as a FE. He probably has experience in another court in another capacity. Until very recently, he’s done a lot of traveling because Liri often went to visit childhood friends. However, all of this abruptly ended. From her app:

At first, the visit went as well as they could’ve expected, but the next morning, Dustan went into rut. Lirielle tried to calm him down, but her own anxiety and panic made it impossible for her to do anything at all. Her First Escort tried to intervene, but Dustan reacted as violently as anyone might’ve expected. He turned on the man, attacking him until he no longer presented a threat. Leaving him unconscious — and with Lirielle wondering if he was even alive — Dustan took her to his room… and when she came out again, she was nearly catatonic — and her Purple Dusk had been broken.

It was all her First Escort could do to get her out of there while Dustan slept, battered and beaten and guilt-ridden as he was over what had happened. He didn’t dare confront the man again, and wrapped in shields, he brought his Queen home.

After “the incident,” he’s going to feel guilty and miserable. Beaten up rather badly, he’ll have spent a lot of time recently with the Court Healer instead of with Lirielle — probably despite his protests.

Requested Caste: Warlord or Prince

Relationship: First Escort and Childhood Friend

Preferred Jewels: Preferably LJ

Face Claim: Open!


*RESERVED* Steward
to Lirielle Pond

Imola District, Shahllene, Little Terreille, Kaeleer

General Information:
A friend of the family, the Steward took up the position to help get Lirielle’s court set up two years ago. He can either be a childhood friend (where he’d be around 24) or a friend of her parents (any age) with any measure of experience. With his Queen broken by a WP in rut, he’s going to find himself with more and more responsibilities as she handles less.

Requested Caste: Preferably Prince, but any.

Relationship: Steward

Preferred Jewels: Any

Face Claim: Open!


Court Priestess
and sister to Lirielle Pond, Catalina Pond

Imola District, Shahllene, Little Terreille, Kaeleer

General Information:
Close to her sister throughout their lives, she agreed to join Lirielle’s burgeoning court two years ago. She’s likely spent a lot of time in Lohr Lake and Township, which is the home of the largest temple in LT. She may have been excited to serve her sister, or she might’ve been pressured into it. Either way, even when Liri starts to get out of control, she isn’t going to abandon or betray her sister.

Requested Caste: Priestess

Relationship: Sister and Court Priestess

Preferred Jewels: rolled Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk, but can be rerolled

Face Claim: Open! Preferably blonde and looking similar to Lirielle (Chloe Grace Moretz)

Name can be changed, too!

*CLAIMED BY FAL* Nicai Briarwood, Court Seer
to Lirielle Pond

Imola District, Shahllene, Little Terreille, Kaeleer

General Information:
CW: rape; This Black Widow has been around Lirielle since her childhood. She’s Mihail’s older sister, a BW with a heart of gold — even if she’s going to be awfully cranky about requests before she grants them. If short-lived, she’s around 28-32 years old. The BW was there to defend her when she needed help, and they’ve been close for a long time. For the past two years, this BW has served as Court Seer. There’s room for her to have influenced Lirielle to have her own court.

Requested Caste: Black Widow

Relationship: Court Seer

Preferred Jewels: Rose to Purple Dusk (rolled on her brother Mihail’s sheet)

Face Claim: Open!

This BW may or may not have seen this coming in tangled webs. There’s a lot of room here for how much she knew and why she may or may not have spoken up.

Aria Briarwood, Court Healer
to Lirielle Pond

Imola District, Shahllene, Little Terreille, Kaeleer

General Information:
CW: rape; Part of Lirielle’s court for the past 2 years, this Healer was one of her childhood friends (age 21-25). She’s the younger sister of the Master of the Guard, Mihail, and the Court Seer, Aria. She has had to spend a lot of time with both the Queen and the First Escort following the attack, and she’s likely spread pretty thin. She’s very sweet, lawfully good to use D&D alignments, with fierce integrity.

Requested Caste: Healer

Relationship: Court Healer

Preferred Jewels: Summer Sky to Purple Dusk (rolled on Mihail’s sheet)

Face Claim: Open!

She needs to be proficient with brews. She doesn’t necessarily need it as a strength, but she can’t have it as a weakness because she’ll be using them quite a bit.

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